FIFA Launch Official Investigation Into Chancel Mbemba’s Age

Chancel Mbemba is now in Newcastle, and will take his medical tomorrow, and could be introduced as a Newcastle player before tomorrow is out, but that issue on his age will not go away.

He has given at least three different ages in his career, and in the records on the internet he is generally listed as 20 years-old and born on August 8th, 1994 – but he looks older than that.

Chancel Mbemba-1

Chancel Mbemba – he’s ?? years old

Here’s the saga of the questions about his age:

He played for E.S. La Grace from 2006-2007 and he was registered with the Congolese club in 2006. The player’s registration from the time showed that he was born on 8th August 1988..

But when he signed on at Anderlecht three years ago he registered with a different date of birth of 8th August 1994 – he had become six years younger in effect.

That was the same date of birth that he was registered with FIFA for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign.

But he registered with a date of birth of 30th November 1991 for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualification campaign.

But news coming through that FIFA have launched another investigation, in a bid to establish Chancel Mbemba’s real age.

FIFA have said this to CNN:

“We are currently analyzing all the documents at our disposal and investigations against the relevant entities are on-going.¨ “In view of this, we cannot comment any further.”

We don’t know how this will affect his transfer to Newcastle, but we need to have an official age of the player, but maybe that will come after Newcastle sign him?

That’s unlikely, so we hope the FIFA investigation is carried out quickly.

He could be anywhere from 20 to 26, and potentially turns either 21 or 27 next month – and this is not the first time the age issue has come up with Mbemba.

But it needs to be the last.

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