John Carver – I’m A Winner – Not A Quitter

We were kind of hoping that after some of the nonsensical statements John Carver made this year while the interim head coach at Newcastle, he would lie low and maybe the pay-off from Newcastle came with an agreement not to talk about what happened last season – it was so painful.

steve stone and john carver

Steve Stone and John Carver at Bramall Lane on Sunday

But alas, that will not happen and Carver has been interviewed tonight in the local press, and it seems he hasn’t learned too much from managing 20 games at Newcastle, losing 13 of the them and winning only 3, and losing eight on the trot.

Here’s John’s record at Newcastle.

FA Cup100101-1

But in the interview tonight he says he’s a winner.

This is what John has said:

“I’ve got a point to prove, to myself and to the fans of Newcastle.” “Not all of them, because the majority have been very, very good, but to the people who were critical.”

“I’m a winner – I’m not a quitter. Why can’t, in the future, I go away, be successful and return to Newcastle as manager under different circumstances?”

“I’ve been back to the football club a few times, and it would be a great story to do so again.”

John watched Newcastle’s 2-2 draw against Sheffield United yesterday along with Steve Stone – his assistant last season.

Maybe we are wrong but John seems to be the perfect pollyanna – a person who thinks good things will always happen and finds something good in everything.

It’s good to be positive, but with that you also have to be realistic and down to earth,  and fully grounded in reality.

The big potential positive for John is that if he goes carefully though what happened in the five moths in charge at Newcastle and is willing to learn by his mistakes – he could become a much better coach from the experience.

But realistically, even if he does that, his chances of becoming Newcastle manager in the future have to be very low.

But John doesn’t think so – that’s obvious.

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