Newcastle’s Concerns About Austin Move Seem Strange

Newcastle still have 26 year-old newly wed Charlie Austin on their radar screen for eventually arriving at Newcastle this summer, but the reason they have not signed him yet is certainly not because he is asking for £80K/week – which the People yesterday reported was the reason.

It’s being reported again that Newcastle seem to be concerned about the shoulder injury he picked up a few years ago, and was the cause of his failing his medical at Hull City a year ago.

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Charlie Austin – playing against Newcastle late last season

We don’t know for sure of course if that is the reason that Newcastle are wary of the deal, but  that’s what’s being reported in the Mail today.

But why would that stop Newcastle moving in and at least trying to agree a deal with QPR for the striker?

His fitness will be determined at the medical after a fee and personal terms have been agreed,  and Newcastle will need to make sure the medical they give Charlie is a stringent one.

The medical is the last thing that comes in a transfer before everything is signed, so it seems a little strange if that is stopping Newcastle  overcoming the first two things they must first agree on – the fee with QPR and the compensation package for Charlie.

However, that’s not what the Mail is saying today – they are reporting that Newcastle want assurances over the shoulder injury and that preliminary medical checks have been arranged in a bid to allay their concerns.

But surely that should be done at the medical, so it seems very strange to us if that’s actually what is happening.

What it seems to be is a game of brinkmanship between the two clubs on the transfer fee.

Newcastle fans would be much happier if they agree a fee with QPR – the compensation for Charlie is unlikely to be a problem – he’s probably agreed that already – and then get Charlie a medical.

And that medical should include everything that goes with looking at his complete medical history, prior injuries and everything – to make absolutely sure he’s OK.

That’s what the medical is for, after all.

And Newcastle can even take out insurance on him just in case to protect the club’s financial investment in the player.

Charlie has apparently said he is willing to join Newcastle, and he probably did that many weeks ago.

That report by Simon Bird that it was a done deal way back on June 11th, pointed to Newcastle having most things ties up – apart from agreeing a fee with the London club.

The Mirror journalist (famous for taking that foul-mouthed rant from Joe Kinnear in October of 2008) has since said he was upbeat,  based on the things he was hearing from Newcastle insiders, so at least at that time Newcastle were confident of getting Charlie to Tyneside.

That could still happen – but hopefully we don’t have to wait until late August to get the deal done.

At the moment, to his credit, Charlie is being a good professional and getting ready for the start of the Championship season this weekend.

Last season Charlie scored 18 goals in 35 appearances for QPR is the Premier League, and only three of those goals were from penalties.

This lad looks like a goal machine.

What do you think?

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