NBCSN Win Huge Six Year Deal To Cover PL Games In America

NBC have won the battle to broadcast the Premier League games until 2022, after finalizing a six-year contract extension of its current deal, which started with the 2013-2014 season and was due to finish at the end of this season.

NBC Sports has been excellent in the way they have covered the games over here and every single Premier League played is available either via TV or on a PC, lap-top, tablet or phone.

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It’s been a huge success since they started two years ago, and now they have the games for another seven years.

The average viewership last season was an average of 479,000 per game which was a record and higher than the previous season of 438,000 viewers per game.

However, in NBC’s first season they advertised heavily two years ago, and the average in their first season was 114% higher than when the games were broadcast on FOX Sports, ESPN and ESPN2 during the coverage of the 2012-2013 season.

At that time former Newcastle full back Warren Barton was the chief analyst on Fox Sports,  and he’s still on there and a great ambassador for Newcastle United – last season Fox Sports had the Champions League games.

Some other facts from Forbes magazine – in the two years they have broadcast the games – MBCSN have broadcast 12 of the 15 most-watched Premier League matches in the history of US Television, 7 of which came last season – one of them had to be Newcastle surely?

The deal is a big win for NBC as it beat out some immense  competition from ESPN and Fox Sports.

It’s a big loss for ESPN who advertise themselves as the world-wide leader in sports – and have for many many decades – but if you haven’t got the most popular league of the most popular game  in the world that claim gets rather difficult to to make.

A delighted Mark Lazarus, NBC Sports Group Chairman had this to say:

“We are excited to continue our tremendous partnership with the Premier League, and we look forward to presenting the world’s finest soccer league to Americans for many years to come,”

“As sports fans, there’s nothing better than waking up on a weekend morning to live and relevant events and we at NBC Sports are thrilled to continue to be this outlet for the fast-growing Premier League fan base.”

“With today’s six?year extension, we are thrilled that the Premier League will be part of our family on all of our platforms through the year 2022. And that includes this current season, which, as you know, just launched this weekend, seven seasons with the Premier League.”

“You do the math, that’s an additional 2,280 matches over the next six years plus hours of other related content, shoulder programming, original content, library programming, which we have used extensively and will continue to use. We will continue to innovate with this product.”

“It gives us nine months of weekend, morning and early afternoon programming that has become synonymous with NBC Sports, and built what we believe is a real destination for our growing fan base in the U.S.”

“We worked through the weekend to try to secure the deal. We took nothing for granted, but I spent a very anxious Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday until dialogue became clear that we were going to have the ability to negotiate to conclusion.”

Do you think NBCSN are pleased they won the deal?

Premier League Chairman Richard Scudamore had this to say:

“NBC Sports has done a fantastic job broadcasting the Barclays Premier League for the last two seasons and we are extremely pleased that they have invested in our US rights for seasons 2016-17 to 2021-2022.”

“Outstanding production, expert analysis, and wide audience reach have all been beyond expectations.”

This will be great news for the Newcastle fans in the US because it essentially means we can watch every single Premier League game that Newcastle play over the next seven years.

Who could ask for more?

Just think how many victories we will have in that time – a massive number!


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