Newcastle Turn To Alternative Strikers If Austin Price Still £15M

We didn’t really believe the story on Sunday that QPR had lowered their price from £15M to £13M for their striker Charlie Austin,  since it just seemed too convenient and after all it was a Sunday.

Today QPR Director of Football Les Ferdinand has again reiterated that the London club want £15M for their 26 year-old striker – and if that remains true through August, they could end up keeping Charlie at the club.

It’s interesting to see what the striker would think about that.

austin against charlton

Charlie Austin in action against Charlton on Saturday

The Charlie Austin affair has been this summer’s long running saga (soap opera?),  and it could go to the last day of the window although we are starting to think maybe Newcastle could sign a younger striker with more potential, for the money it would take to get Charlie through the door.

Of course it’s nothing to do with Charlie, who has been very patient and professional throughout the summer.

This is what Les Ferdinand has said today in the London Evening Standard:

“We are now into the season and want to settle our side down as quickly as possible,”  “It’s not good for the club, it’s not good for Charlie — it’s not good for anyone.”

“The fans are waiting for the window to close and are hoping Charlie is still here. These things always seem to drag on, but from the club perspective we want it resolved as quickly as possible.”

“All he can do is be professional, which he was against Charlton in the 2-0 defeat on Saturday. He’s got into this position where clubs are interested in him because he’s been professional and scored goals. He can’t allow himself to slip now.”

“The price is still £15M and the only firm bid that has come in is still from Leicester. Everyone feels that bids are going to come in for him, it’s just a matter of when. But if a club doesn’t pay the fee, then we will offer him a new contract to get him to stay.”

If QPR do keep the 26 year-old he could certainly help them in their efforts to get straight back to the Premier League.

If Les is adamant that he really does want £15M for Charlie, then we think Newcastle could turn to a younger striker, with one possibly being 22 year-old Uruguayan International Diego Rolan of Bordeaux.

The advantage Charlie has is that he has already proved last season he can score goals in the Premier League with 18 league goals in just 35 appearances for QPR, who didn’t exactly create a lot of chances for their strikers last season.

We don’t think Newcastle can wait until late August to sign another striker.

What do you think?

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