Thauvin – I’m Surprised How Well Organized Newcastle Are

Newcastle’s new £13M signing Florian Thauvin has had his first training session at Benton, and he seems completely delighted at joining Newcastle.

The 22 year-old Frenchman says he’s surprised how well organized the club are – which will probably shock a lot of fans following the complete mess we seemed to be in with John Carver in charge last season.

florian thauvin newcastle

Florian Thauvin – already impressed with Newcastle

But maybe Steve and his new coaching staff have things sorted out quickly – in any case young Florian is very impressed with what he has seen.

This is what Thauvin has said today :

“I’m very happy to be here at Newcastle, and I’m surprised in a very good way to see such a well-organised club here.” “I had my first training session with the team today and it went really, really well.”

“I’m fit and available, and if the manager chooses to select me, I can’t wait to make my debut at Old Trafford.” “It’s a magnificent stadium, a magnificent ground and they are a massive team too in the Premier League, so it’s always an honor and a pleasure to be able to play in such places.”

“When I arrived, the manager and I had a long chat.” “He asked me to be an important player for the team.” “He wants me to get goals, and he wants me to supply goals too.” “But he also wants me to fulfil my defensive duties as well.”

“It’s not a problem for me to have such a high price tag.” “I’m a footballer, and that’s my passion and my job.” “It’s always been my dream to be a footballer in the Premier League, and I’m happy to be here and do that.”

“Learning English is important for me, and that’s a priority,” “I’m going to get some English classes arranged straight away.” “I’m lucky to have so many French speakers here, but I will definitely get out there and learn English because that will be very beneficial.”

We have been very impressed with the youngster since he joined the club a few days ago – and he seems a positive but down to earth lad – now Newcastle’s job is to get the very best out of him as soon as possible – but the passion and determination seem to be there, which is an excellent sign.

Thauvin really needs to learn English quickly, because in his first nufcTV interview he didn’t speak one word of English – so that has to be one priority.

It looks like we may see Thauvin make his debut in the second half tomorrow at Old Trafford – what a place to make your Newcastle debut.

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