Newcastle Fans Got Exactly What They Asked For

During John Carver’s disastrous run as Newcastle’s interim head coach last season, when we got one point in 10 games played, it looked like the players had almost given up and fans demanded that they have a team that at least tries – even if they cannot win.


Newcastle fans demand the players at least try

Newcastle now have a good coach in charge in Steve McClaren who is also a good man-manager, and we have an excellent coaching team and it showed yesterday.

It was a brave performance from the Newcastle side,  and it would be hard to accuse any Newcastle player yesterday of not giving 100%.

And even if the Red Devils had got the late goal they threatened to score, fans would still have been delighted with the guts and courage shown by the players, but we held out.

And in the end we almost won the game with that three man breakaway in stoppage time, and the really pleasing thing was the way the defense played, and kept a clean sheet under extremely difficult circumstances.

Steve McClaren took time out when he first joined the club, to understand the feelings of Newcastle fans by actually asking them questions at the Fans Forum, and now he has a very good idea of what every Newcastle player must do in every game.

Give 100% and that’s the first criterion.

It’s very early in the season, so we don’t want to overreact to a good performance – well not too much anyway.


But the effort and commitment seems to be there, and now we need to become a better all around side and there were glimpses of the new talent we have at the club with Wijnaldum, Mitrovic, Mbemba and Thauvin all on the field together when the impressive Florian made his debut on 69 minutes.

We have talent, and now we need to use that in terms of becoming a more attacking side, and McClaren is starting the task of making us hard to beat.

But given it was only the third game in charge for McClaren and company, there’s certainly promise that we are building a very good team.

That’s all we have ever asked for.

What do you think?

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