McClaren – There Was No Persuasion – Ashley Kept His Promises

There was a piece during Stave McClaren’s press conference today and one report mentioned that Steve has been more successful than any other Newcastle manager in terms of getting Mike Ashley to open up the check book to buy some good players.

Steve McClaren said the plan was to spend big before he came in and that’s what’s happened.

Mike Ashley Sky Sports West Ham Match May 2015

Mike Ashley making those promises on Sky Sports
Owner has followed through on those promises this summer

This is how Steve McClaren answered that question:

“There was no persuasion – this was the plan that was set even before I came in – it was stated before the West Ham game – and he’s actually gone through on all the promises.”

“You can’t fault Mike Ashley on what he’s done for this football club – in terms of when he came in where they were when he came in, and where they are at the present moment in terms of finance.”

“Finances are  the most important part of the football club and then using those finances wisely and well, and that’s what we intend to do.”

We have to say we’ve been surprised at the amount of money Newcastle have spent to date – a net of just under £50M – and also surprised at the class of players we have brought in.

As one example we never thought we had a chance of getting Mitrovic in – but we did and it turned out he was delighted to come.

Steve said he wanted skill and he’s got that – and he also reiterated that the plan was made in June for the next three transfer window.

So there will be some business transacted in January and then next summer – and again Newcastle want to add  class to the squad.

McClaren said today that by next year at this time we should have a much better squad.

Steve said he didn’t want to bring in too many players this summer, because it would have been difficult to assimilate them all at once.

He has also kept a lot of the players who were already at the club,  when it was expected Newcastle would have a huge clear out this summer.

That did not happen, and we think part of that is because the players are much better than they looked under John Carver – who was simply woeful as a head coach.

Newcastle have brought in  four first teamers, and they all look like starters for the team – better than players we already had – and they look to be  class signings.

That cannot be bad.

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