McClaren Hints He Has £150M To Spend At Newcastle

Steve McClaren again opened up during his press conference yesterday for today’s game with Arsenal, and said that he didn’t expect to sell any players before Tuesday night, and that Newcastle didn’t need to sell anybody.

So we suppose the wage bill we have at the moment is manageable, and not selling any good players will ensure we have some strength in depth this season, which we didn’t have last season, once all the injuries kicked in.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – at press conference yesterday

Steve has admitted that he thought it would have been nice to spend all the money in one transfer window,  rather than over the three transfer windows he will use to build up the squad.

Although he did say at one point yesterday that it would have been hard to assimilate a lot of players (10?), at once into the squad this summer.

This is what Steve has said about what he thought when he joined Newcastle in early June:

“I remember the first week I was here and the conversations we had and looking at the squad and the next three windows and thinking, ‘can we not have all of that now?’”

“It’s been impossible to do that. But I am excited about this because it’s not just about now, but about the next two windows as well.”

“By this time next season the squad should look totally different.” “Did I want to spend £150M in this window? Absolutely.”

“But we have spent wisely, on quality, if not quantity.” “It’s a good start.”

“Only time will tell, but credit to the club – they said they were going to do something and they’ve done it.

“You can never say never, but we are not planning anything before Tuesday night, we haven’t got anything up our sleeve.”

“We are happy with what we have got and hopefully, we’ll see the window through nice and quietly,”

“There’s a great determination from the club, to reiterate from two weeks ago, that we don’t need to sell, we don’t have to sell, we don’t want to sell.” 

“We don’t want to lose any of our best players.”

You have to think that if Steve says he would have liked to have spent it all together, and then he talks about spending £150M that was the amount the club mentioned was the money available to spend over the next three transfer windows – the next year.

But it will be hard to spend much of that in January, with clubs not wanting to sell good players half way through the season.

But if Charlie Austin is still available in January and Emmanuel Riviere is still not showing through, we wouldn’t be surprised if the QPR man is one of the transfer targets in January, or even next summer if he is a free agent by then.

And Riviere could be sold.

But the first order of business now is for Newcastle to do well in the league and the cups this season, so we can attract some (very) good players to the club next summer.

It seems there is some big money to spend – we hope there is some big money to spend.


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