Lee Charnley – We Spent £52.6M Net – We Need To Pull Together

Lee Charnley has set the record straight on what Newcastle spent in the summer, and it seems Newcastle spent more than we estimated – it’s a net of £52.6M and we had estimated a net of £45.8M with a gross of £50.3M – so that’s off  almost £7M – so we’ll have to do some creative new estimating so at least the net figure comes out at £52.6.

And £51.5M in cash was paid out – that’s the way to do it – none of this paying in yearly installments like we used to do under Freddy Shepherd.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – £52.6M net paid out

There’s no doubt that Mike Ashley has got the club in very good financial condition, but what fans want now is to use that money to build a good team – a good squad and it seems Newcastle have made a decent start in the summer – but we still have a long way to go.

Lee Charnley – maybe at the direction of Ashley – has come out and been transparent about what Newcastle spent in the market – maybe because it’s higher than most estimates floating around.

This is what Lee has said via an email to fans:

“I know that conflicting reports from outside the club can make it hard to understand what we’ve spent in the window. I want to take this opportunity to confirm that the net amount spent this summer is £52.6M, with £51.5M cash paid out.

“On top of the transfer spend, our wage bill for the year to 30 June 2016 will increase by a minimum of just under £9M as a result of our activity during this transfer window.”

“We’ll continue to spend on the squad moving forward, and have no need or desire to sell our best players.” “We want the best young players available to us. We have brought in high-calibre players that will make an immediate impact.”

“We want a squad that is strong defensively, combined with plenty of creativity, attacking intent and flair.” “We’re delighted with the players we’ve brought in, but we always knew that it would take more than one window to reshape and restructure.”

“We were also delighted to agree a new deal with our captain, Fabricio Coloccini, who on and off the field is showing the drive and determination we desire from our captain,  and one of the figureheads of our club.”

“This is the start not the end. It will take time and a number of windows to get where we want to be.” “We are in a very strong financial position. To allow us to continue in this vein, we need to ensure that the club’s finances remain just as healthy over the coming years.”

“We ask that you trust us in this process. We want our club to progress and be the best it can possibly be.”

 “We have set Steve a target of a top-eight finish and to win a trophy. Everyone at the club is driving hard towards that goal. However, all of this rebuilding and reshaping isn’t something that can happen overnight; it will take time.”

“In recent years I know that some of you feel a divide has opened up between the club and the supporters. We accept responsibility for the things we have done, or not done, to contribute to this, but with Steve’s arrival and a new season ahead of us, we have been presented with a real opportunity to make progress as a club together.”

“Often our mistake has been that we’ve not communicated well enough with you,  and I assure you going forward, this is something we will do better.” “We are showing we have a desire to connect with you.”

“What is absolutely clear is that when we are all pulling in the same direction and you are one hundred percent behind the players who wear our shirt, it makes the difference.”

That’s a good message from Lee, and it basically reflects what Steve McClaren has been saying this summer, but it’s good coming from Newcastle’s top executive too.

As we said, it’s a good start, but now the hard work starts with Steve McClaren trying to knit the team together to be very strong on defense,  and creative and free-flowing when we attack – that will not be easy.

However, the defense seems to have made giant strides under the coaching of Ian Cathro, and in the last two league game there’s been some heroic and resilient play on defense – in short they’ve looked great.

We hadn’t heard Mike Ashley speak until May 24th when he gave his interview with Sky Sports – and now we at least know what he sounds like – but we still don’t know what Lee Charnley sounds like.

Why doesn’t Lee go on nufcTV and talk about the transfer window and other things as the season progresses.

It’s a lot more personal that way – and surely Lee can do that?

But it’s (very) good the club is negotiating more with fans, who were really frustrated and angry the way the club has been run, and we all know far too many mistakes were continually being made.

But hopefully after we were almost relegated in May, and that would have been a compete an utter disaster for the club,  things will now be run differently.

We’re hoping that things will continue to improve, and we do indeed start being really serious about building up a top team that can win something.

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