If This Happens, Austin Will Not Be Joining Newcastle

QPR seem to be working on how they can protect their valuable asset called Charles Austin, because as things stand at the moment, Charlie will be available to talk to clubs in January, because his current contract runs out next summer, when he will become a free agent.

So it’s not surprising that QPR are trying to get Charlie to sign a new deal,  that will mean QPR can still ask for a big transfer fee if the player leaves QPR for a PL club in the next year.

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Charlie Austin – will he sign new deal at QPR?

Not one club were willing to pay the £15M QPR were asking for him in the summer, and some of that reticence was due to some injuries Austin has picked up over the last few years, which include a shoulder injury.

The Mirror are reporting QPR are willing to insert a buy-out clause in a new contract if the player will only sign it.

But that may not be good for Charlie – for one thing it depends on what the buy-out clause amount is.

If it’s £15M no club will come in for him – if it’s about half that amount then clubs like Newcastle, West Ham and Leicester may be interested – but maybe not.

The other thing is that Charlie will forgo a big signing-on fee if clubs have to pay a transfer fee for him, whether that’s in January or next summer, and that’s the situation if he signs a new QPR deal.

A new contract is very good for QPR, but not so good for Charlie Austin, and we’d be very surprised if he signs a new deal at QPR.

But Charlie is also loyal, and he had this to say in the Mail this week about not getting a big summer move:

“I’m not disappointed.” “It’s a decision I’ve taken, with my family and agent. If the move happened, it was going to be big but it wasn’t something I was going to rush in to.”

 “I didn’t want the club to be pushed on me.” “I spoke to Les Ferdinand (the Director of Football) and told him if the move was not right then I wasn’t going.”

“But I also knew he had to do everything to get the best for QPR.” “I told him if I was here on September 2, I’d be giving 100% to help the club get promotion. That is the goal now.”

Nothing from Charlie there about a new deal.

Once his agent has a talk with him,  we’d be very surprised if he signs any new deal at QPR, and if he does we doubt Newcastle would be interested in signing him.

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