Rolando Aarons Tweets Simple Message Amid Speculation

There is news today that Newcastle may have wanted to unload Rolando Aarons in part exchange for Charlie Austin on deadline day last Tuesday and Newcastle fans have responded with lots of messages of support for the 19 year-old winger, who is one of Newcastle’s brightest youngsters.

rolando aarons sacramento

Rolando Aarons in action in Sacramento

On his Twitter account he tweeted a very simply message amid the speculation:

Anybody looking at that would think Rolando was Newcastle through and through.

And following that,  a number of Newcastle fans have tweeted their support of him, and how he can become a very good player for the team.

Rolando has also given a good interview today in the Chronicle talking about new coach Steve Black.

Steve is toughening him up mentally, and he seems to have a great relationship with the new coach, and that will certainly help the 19 year-old become a better footballer in the future.

He calls Steve Black the happiest man in the world, and we saw some fo that in the latest addition of Magpies 24/7 (Episode 7).

Steve Black was welcoming all the players at the door for their team meeting with Arsenal and he was smiling away,  and patting everybody on the back as they went in.

It’s very important to be positive in all aspects of life, but at times that can also be very difficult.


We like the new spirit at the club, and we now hope that Newcastle can start winning some games, and that will help us all forget the disaster of last season.

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Note: A number of Newcastle fans organized by Callum Taylor are raising funds for the Refugees forced to leave war-torn countries like Syria. They will have some banners at the West Ham game.

See if you can support them at their pledge page here – thanks.