How Newcastle Can Become More Competitive In Premier League

There is plenty of money to spend by Premier League clubs,  with the current £3B TV deal running out next summer, and the new even bigger deal of £5.1B starting at that time for the next three years.

Newcastle have finally started to spend some of the money we are making from the PL, but we also saw smaller clubs like Crystal Palace spend around £21.5M net in the summer.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – spent £52.6M wisely over the summer

So just like a rising tide lifts all boats, the increasing money available in the Premier League should improve the squads of all the Premier League clubs, with the emphasis on should.

What we witnessed in the summer transfer window were some of the top six clubs in England paying out massive fees for some players, who didn’t seem to be worth the money,  and in some cases it looked like it was even a competition as to who could spend the most of the top clubs in England.

We are quite happy to see clubs like Manchester City pay out almost £100M for two players – Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, and Manchester United after last year having shelled out a massive £59.5MM for Angel Di Maria, this year paid out £36M for 19 year-old Frenchman Anthony Martial.

Angel Di Maria was sold to PSG for £44M this summer so that’s a loss of over £15M in one year by the Red Devils on just one player.

And Liverpool paid out £29M for Roberto Firmino and £32.5M for Christian Benteke – so a massive £61.5M for two decent players.

Most people would think those clubs overpaid for those players, and they were not worth that much, but we were extremely happy to see the top clubs seemingly wasting a lot of their money by overpaying in the transfer market.

The top six clubs in England – the two Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham – get more money than clubs like Newcastle do.

But if they continue to spend huge amounts on their players, the smaller clubs by some savvy and wise spending  can create (very) good sides who could then challenge them in the Premier League.

We have seen that over the last two years with Southampton and Swansea, and this year even Crystal Palace (that big club Sissoko wants to join?) have brought in some good players.

Palace beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last time out, and they are now second top of the league to Manchester City at the moment.

So it could be that the big money in the Premier League over the next few years, rather than favoring the big clubs, can actually make the competition even stronger with clubs like Newcastle spending money wisely and building up a very good squad.

That could happen if the top six clubs continue to waste their money advantage, by grossly overspending on their players.

Newcastle had the second biggest net spend over the summer – for what Lee Charnley says was £52.6M, and we brought in Gini Wijnaldum, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Chancel Mbemba and Florian Thauvin for that amount.

Compare that to the £100M Manchester City paid out for Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, or the £61.5M Liverpool paid out for Roberto Firmino and  Christian Benteke.

And who did the better business over the summer transfer window?

It wasn’t City or Liverpool.

Here are the net spends of the Premier League clubs this summer – as published by Sky Sports – with total spend and net spend amounts.

Notice that Newcastle sold very few players in the window,  so we kept some experience in the squad.

It’s good that Mike Ashley did what he said he would do – now we have to keep that up for the next two transfer windows, and then see how we are doing.

transfer net spend 2015 summer

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