This Part Of Newcastle Showing Little Improvement

Newcastle have had far too many injuries each season for a long time now – maybe as long as ten years –  and last season was particularly bad, when at one time we had something like twelve first team players out injured.

We checked the injury status earlier this morning and we only have four players currently injured,  and in the Premier League table we are in 9th place with Crystal Palace and Everton at the top with seven injuries each.

Paul Dummett

Paul Dummett in action against West Ham in May

Here are the players we have injured at the moment and there are no return dates for any of them:

Paul Dummett       - hamstring
Curtis Goode       - hip/thigh
Emmanuel Riviere   - knee
Sylvain Marveaux   - groin

Most of these are long term – with Paul Dummett picking up that hamstring injury last May and having a set-back recently, when he was trying to come back.

Curtis Good has had his hip injury since he picked it up playing for Australia in early March of last year, and it’s never seemed to heal probably in spite of having an operation on it this year.

Sylvain Marveaux has had the groin injury ever since he returned in July and Riviere picked up his knee injury in July and has minor surgery on his cartilage it in France a few weeks ago.

So maybe it’s because they are mostly long term injuries that we are still 3rd top of the Injury League – which allocates one point for each league game one player misses during the season.

This is how it stands after four PL games.

injury league

If we take Newcastle’s 27 points and keep that average over the 38 game season we’d end up with 257 points – which is still far too high, and would have seen us in second place last season.

That’s probably the stats the Newcastle coaching staff are using this season to see if they can make a marked improvement  on how we did last season when we were at the top of the Injury League and a lot worse than any other Premier League club.

final injury league 2014-2015

Our 347 points last season means over the 38 game season, we had an average of nine players not available to us in each league game.


We still have a long way to go before we will be showing any marked improvement on the injury front, but the players out at the moment would not make the match-day 18 – apart from Paul Dummett, who could possibly be starting at left-back.

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