Newcastle Lower The Expectations On New Arrival

Paul Simpson was interviewed on nufcTV yesterday,  and he talked about Aleksandar Mitrovic, and it seems the coaching staff are trying to lower the expectations on the 20 year-old, who is really keen to do well at Newcastle.

But Paul has said they are trying to get the youngster to calm down a little, and impressing on him that he’s got time, and he is at Newcastle for the long term, rather than placing extra pressure on him that he has to be an instant fix.

aleksandar mitrovic serbia - armeina

Aleksandar Mitrovic – has to clam down

That’s good advice coming from Paul, because we have to remember Mitrovic is still only 20, and he has lots to learn, and one of those things  is not to keep picking up yellow and red cards.

This is what Paul has said about Mitrovic:

¨Mitrovic has had a couple of games on and got a goal International duty. He’s desperate to do well for us, he’s so keen and probably that’s been reflected in the cards he’s been picking up, and the red he got in the Arsenal game.

¨We need to control that – we want him to have that enthusiasm, but we need him just to relax and realize that we have brought him here for the long term,  and we’re not looking for an instant fix.¨

¨We know hit’s  going to take some time to get settled in, and the will have got a huge lift getting that goal, and it  will have taken a big weight off  his shoulders.¨

¨We’re sure he went away frustrated after only being involved only 16 minutes against Arsenal, so that will give him a lift.¨

¨He’s got some good players around him, I watched that first game so he will have leaned a lot and he will get his sharpness and get his head up and get him ready for the next game for him which will be the Chelsea game.¨

Mitrovic will miss the next three games at West Ham, and at home to Watford and Sheffield Wednesday in the League Cup, so the home game against Chelsea is the next game he can play for Newcastle.

Those four upcoming games are important for the club,  and we soon need to start picking up some wins and getting away from the bottom of the Premier League.

A win at West Ham on Monday night would be very good.

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