Star Hoping For Big Things From Newcastle This Season

Our number 10 Siem de Jong has given a long interview in Dutch football magazine ELF Voetbal  this month,  and the Dutch International has talked about number of things including the English cuisine – which he doesn’t seem to like.

How odd.

But on other things Siem seems quite normal,  and he seems to have high ambitions for what Newcastle may be able to achieve this season, and that’s good to hear.

siem de jong - good shot of him in training

Siem de Jong in training – early in the summer

This is some of what Siem de Jong has said in ELF Voetbal:

“We must hope that two or three of the six clubs competing for it have a bad season. Who knows what might happen then? Maybe then a Champions League ticket comes into the picture for us.”

“But the ambition of the club is clear: to win things. We want as much as possible to do well in the English cups.”

“Newcastle is a big club in England. Given our status and financial resources, we must try for eighth place. And then hope to look upwards, not downward like last year, when we were almost relegated.”

“Life is good here. Newcastle is a big, fun town – a real student city, which makes it lively. The coast is a fifteen minute drive.” “In order to get to know the town better I decided to rehabilitate here and not in Amsterdam or anywhere else.”

“People are calm with me here, I can walk on the streets without trouble. They don’t know too much about me at the moment with my injuries.” 

“I have seen a few fans seen with my name on their shirt and hopefully it even more if I’m going to play. I live together with my girlfriend close to the center in a student district. Friends come regularly and family along.”

It would be great if we can have a couple of long runs in the League Cup and the FA Cup this season- and then who knows what might happen.

And Siem is not so keen on English food it seems, and certainly not on those delicious fish and chips:

“I don’t really like them! I can’t understand why the British find it delicious. And I can’t understand those beans at breakfast.”

“I don’t understand it but Tim Krul will eat them – but he’s almost British now!”

It’s one of the things we look forward when we come over to England – the English breakfast – although we can replicate it over here in the US.

Baked beans, mushrooms and fried tomatoes are the things that seem to be unique with the English breakfast – and of course there’s the black pudding.

We always remember the scene in GOAL when the star player of the movie Santiago Munez is eating breakfast in a Newcastle cafe with one of the coaches.

Santiago asks the coach  “what’s in this black pudding?” – and the coach answers “you don’t want to know.”

Oh yes – that about sums it up nicely – but it’s still delicious.

black pudding slices

Slices of black pudding

Note for the uninitiated on Black Pudding:

“Black pudding, also known as blood sausage, is a pudding made of curdled and boiled pig blood, mixed with chunks of pork fat for texture and juiciness – and with spices for taste.”

“It’s then stuffed into a sausage casing, and when served sliced and grilled it has a peculiar grainy texture all its own.”

That about sums it up nicely!

Liking fish and chips and the English breakfast is one difference with being brought up in Newcastle and being brought up in Holland – we suppose it’s an acquired taste.

Seems like Tim Krul was brought up in Newcastle – well he’s been in Newcastle 10 years now – the Dutch Geordie.

And I will not even talk about Bakewell tarts – which are a particular favorite of mine, and my wife still makes and then I finish them off – rather quickly.

Here’s a bakewell tart to finish with.

bakewell tart

It seems I lost control of that article along the way.


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