Top Newcastle Striker Still In Big Demand

The transfer window is yet to close in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and it’s not too surprising that there are reports in those countries that a number of clubs are (still) interested in Newcastle’s Papiss Cisse.

There were  similar reports this summer and last January,  that clubs were interested in signing the 30 year-old Senegal International.

papiss cisse celebrates

Papiss Cisse – in demand still

The strategy in those two countries seems to be to try to attempt to get top name players to play in their leagues to give the leagues some esteem, and as far as the players are concerned, the clubs pay out big wages to attract the players, who are getting to the end of their careers.

It’s a similar strategy the MLS in America follows.

But even if a credible offer came in for Papiss this month, we doubt that Newcastle would sell, because that would leave the squad short of a striker until we get to the January transfer window.

Hopefully,  gone are the days when Newcastle sell players just for the money and to make their financial figures look so good – at the expense of the playing squad.

That has happened far too many times during Ashley’s reign as the owner of the club.

That’s especially true with Newcastle having built up some good will with the fans over the summer, by delivering on their promise of spending some big money to improve the squad.

And also one of the goals of the season is to win one of the local Cups – the League Cup and/or the FA Cup (notice the and there) – and the loss of Cisse would certainly weaken the squad and our striking options.

So it would be extremely surprising if Papiss goes before the window in Qatar closes on the 30th September and in the United Arab Republic on the 21st September.

What it does say is that these rumors will continue until the windows close in both those two countries.

Oh no!

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