Carragher Blasts Newcastle – But It’s Still Early Days

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher slammed Newcastle United’s transfer policy after the game last night, and said that Mike Ashley cannot be very happy with what he saw, as Newcastle seemed to continue on with the form from last season – heaven forbid.

While the lads worked hard we seemed to lack commitment and drive, and it was a hollow effort from this Newcastle team – even as though we were just going through the motions.

Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher – slams Newcastle’s transfer policy

Carragher said he sees nothing new at Newcastle and he made a big thing out of the defeat – but that’s what he gets paid to do.

But in truth we did look poor last night – very poor at times.

This is some of what the former Liverpool star had to say:

“It is the same story with Newcastle, a new manager and £40M-£50M spent, but it is still the same.

“Mistakes at the back, getting counter-attacked, no threat up front – Newcastle used to be about exciting things happening but they’re buying these players from abroad, spending a lot of money of them, and they’re not actually doing anything.

“They have spent as much money as some of the top teams in Europe and you don’t see what they are getting for it.”

“Newcastle are certainly one of those teams who, over the years, can’t be happy with their recruitment and the money they have spent.”

“Mike Ashley is probably thinking ‘I’ve spent £40M-50M and it’s no different, we are just continually wasting money’.”

Mike Ashley has taken himself out of the football matters at Newcastle, and left it to Lee Charnley and the Newcastle Board (which also includes McClaren, Moncur and Carr) to do all the transfers at the club, both outgoing and incoming.

But they will be held responsible by Mike – for getting the best we can out of the money spent.

With freedom comes responsibility.

It didn’t look good last night, but it’s  still early days.

Saturday has to be an all-out effort to get goals against Watford – we haven’t scored for over four games now – and get a win.

The crowd will be right behind the team – even though last night was very frustrating and even upsetting with a benign performance from the team.

Better things should be ahead.

We hope that’s true.


We’re still getting over last season’s terrible events.

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