Poor Performance Puts Focus On Newcastle’s Transfer Policy

West Ham bought Dimitri Poyet in the summer for around £10M, after Newcastle were interested in the French International, but it was thought he was too old – at 28 – and too expensive.

But he looked a great player last night against Newcastle and scored both goals – the first one an absolute cracker after just 9 minutes.

Our own signings didn’t look too good last night, although Chancel Mbemba had a decent game at the back.

Mike Ashley Sky Sports West Ham Match May 2015

Mike Ashley – what is he getting for his money?

That has put some focus on Newcastle’s transfer policies,  where we tend to bring in younger and less experienced players and are loath to pay big money for older players – where older now means 28.

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher blasted Newcastle’s transfer policies after the game:

“”Newcastle used to be about exciting things happening but they’re buying these players from abroad, spending a lot of money of them, and they’re not actually doing anything.”

“They have spent as much money as some of the top teams in Europe and you don’t see what they are getting for it.”

“Newcastle are certainly one of those teams who, over the years, can’t be happy with their recruitment and the money they have spent.”

“Mike Ashley is probably thinking ‘I’ve spent £40M-£50M and it’s no different, we are just continually wasting money’.”

Let’s get is straight – we didn’t play well last night – but it’s also far too early to press the panic button, which seems to be happening in some quarters.

Yes, we are bottom of the league with only 2 points from the first 5 games, and yes – even Sunderland above us – albeit on goal difference.

Last night was also a chance against the Hammers to get our first win – but it didn’t happen and we didn’t play well.

But our poor start means that if we were indeed going to sign Charlie Austin, then we have to get him in January and Newcastle may have to pay a little over the odds for him, but sometimes paying an extra £2M can save us tens of millions, if it saves us from the drop.

Charlie is also a proven commodity in the Premier League which players from abroad aren’t,  although Payet looked great last night.

It wasn’t a good performance last night,  and we must start winning some games soon, and we can do that against Watford on Saturday, and if we can do that things will look a little brighter.

Keep calm and keep supporting the lads would be a good mantra at the moment – as hard as that is for Newcastle fans right now.

But yes, it’s disappointing to have another poor start to the season, especially after the disaster that was the second half of last season.

Let’s not panic – well not too much anyway.


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