Newcastle Make Two Top Ten Lists In Europe

There´s a good piece in the Chronicle today that shows that Newcastle had the tenth highest attendance of all clubs in Europe last season, even though we were fighting relegation over the last three months of the season.

And we also had the 9th highest net spend of all clubs in Europe over this summer´s transfer window.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Newcastle United v Everton - St James' Park

St. James’ Park at night (vs Everton)

As far as the attendances in Europe, these were the top ten clubs in Europe with the highest average attendances – taken from the Chronicle report:

  1. Borussia Dortmund – total fans 1.367M – Average: 80,463
  2. Barcelona – total fans 1.475M – Average 77,632
  3. Manchester United – total fans 1.431M – Average: 75,335
  4. Real Madrid – total fans 1.388m – Average: 73.081
  5. Bayern Munich – total fans 1.239m – Average: 72,882
  6. Schalke 04 – total fans 1.046m – Average: 61,578
  7. Arsenal – total fans 1.079m – Average: 59,992
  8. Hamburg – total fans 905,278 – Average: 53,252
  9. Marseille – total fans: 1.005m – Average 52,917
  10. Newcastle total fans: 956,823 – Average 50,359

Newcastle will have trouble repeating this in the future, as five clubs in England are expanding the capacity of their stadiums, to more than that of  St James Park, which is 52,405.

These are those English clubs:

  • Manchester City – 61,000
  • Tottenham – 61,000
  • Chelsea – 60,000
  • Liverpool – 59,000
  • West Ham – 54,000

Newcastle did have initial plans some years ago to increase the capacity at St. James’ Park to 60,000, but since Mike Ashley came in – we never hear about that once planned expansion.

Note that above there are four German clubs in the top ten, and they always have great attendances plus some massive stadiums – look at that figure for Borussia Dortmund – and they like Newcastle fought against relegation for a while last season – although they ended up in 7th place.

Newcastle were 9th in net spending over the summer transfer window, and here´s that list:

  1. Manchester City – £101.3M
  2. Valencia – £63.4M
  3. Milan – £60.9M
  4. Paris Saint-Germain – £60M
  5. Atletico Madrid – £46.8M
  6. Manchester United – £43.4M
  7. Real Madrid – £42.9M
  8. Juventus – £42.9M
  9. Newcastle United – £42M
  10. Bayern Munich – £40M

We could have been in 5th position if they had used the net spending figure that Lee Charnley put out – which was £52.6M.

So we are starting to show up in some top ten lists for European clubs these days.

Let´s hope we make another top ten list by next May – top ten in the Premier League.

A number of Newcastle fans are now just a little bit worried,  because of the (very) poor start we have made to the season, especially when it comes straight after the disasters of last season.

It´s never been easy supporting Newcastle United over the years.

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