McClaren – It Will Not Be Rosy – It Will Be Painful

Steve McClaren has been clear in his press conference and interviews leading up to the game today at home to Watford,  that this season could be painful for Newcastle fans, well at least at the beginning – until the team settles down.

And Steve still doesn’t know his best team yet and the players are still getting to know the coaching staff and vice versa.

stve mcclaren tlaking to players opne day

Steve McClaren – coaching his players at Benton

McClaren said he was expecting a game like last Monday night at Upton Park, when we looked really poor and the former England manager likened it to a car crash.

McClaren has been in this position a few times – trying to build a team and at least he has some good experience to draw on.

At Middlesbrough back in 2001 he lost his first four league games, including a 4-1 home defeat to Newcastle in the fourth game.

After 10 games, he had three wins and two draws for 11 points, so we will do well if Newcastle can get 11 points after 10 games.

Asked if there was more pain coming this is how Steve answered that question:

“Absolutely.” “Don’t think it is going to be rosy all the way. We didn’t expect that.”

“We don’t want to talk about last season.” “But we have to learn about the team. The new signings have to come in and learn about the Premier League.”

“And it has been sometimes two steps forward, one back, one forward, two back, in the first five games.”

“We expected this. It is painful.”

We were hoping for a more benign season this time around and that at least we wouldn´t be fighting relegation once again.

It´s very early in the season – so it´s still possible to have a good season.

We hope that´s the case.

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