McClaren – The Media Over-React – Sensationalize Everything

The was some wild reporting going on after our 2-0 defeat at West Ham earlier this week, even though we have played only five league games and former striker Andy Cole seemed convinced Newcastle would now be relegated in one of the most negative pieces we have read for a long time – and that´s saying something.

And Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher always like to produce headlines – that´s what they get paid for – and they said Newcastle had wasted £50M in the summer transfer market.

jamie carragher

Jamie Carragher – Sky Sports pundit

Total nonsense, but it´s a lot more impactful than saying – Newcastle have a new team and they will need some time to settle down this season.

Sports and even the news these days are hyped and sensationalized out of all proportion,  and if you want to keep your feet on the ground you have to realize that.

Sometimes after watching the evening news on TV I go outside and look at the sky – just to ensure it´s still there, so negative has the news been portrayed – as if the sky is falling in.

This is how Steve McClaren reacted when asked in the Chronicle if the pundits had gone too far:

“Absolutely. But there has been no over-reaction here.” “We don’t like losing games. We didn’t like the reaction after the second goal, that needed to be better.”

“We look overall at five games, in four of them we have shown fantastic spirit in them for 95 minutes. I think it was just unfortunate that we chose to have a bad reaction after the second goal when we were on TV.”

“And obviously what follows is an over-reaction from the media and from the TV.” “That’s football, that’s Sky now and the TV.”

“They sensationalise everything.”

“We have to be the ones who keep our feet on the ground and stay calm.” “We have to stick together and find out after every game what went right and what went wrong.”

“That’s what we did after West Ham.” “We were very unhappy and so were the players.” “I said, ‘Look – the only thing you can do is give a reaction’.”

“Now that is what everybody will be looking forward to, ourselves included.”

One reason today´s game is so important is that our next two games are at home to Chelsea and away at Manchester City and then we have the two week International break so we don´t want to still be bottom of the league.

We have won the last three home league games against Chelsea – and Jose Mourinho has never won a game at St. James´ Park yet.

That´s worth remembering.

The news these days is not about the news,  it´s about the ratings and the bottom line is about money.

So what´s new?

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