There’s Enough In That Dressing Room To Turn Things Around

It´s not really a new experience for Steve McClaren to have a poor initial run of results at a new club.

At Middlesbrough back in 2001 he lost the first four games before starting to turn things around and at Wolfsburg in 2010 he lost the first three games.

Newcastle haven´t won yet after six games and it would be a brave person to forecast a win in our next two league games – at home the Chelsea and then on the road at Manchester City.

daryl janmaat scores newcastle goal

Daryl Janmaat scoring after 62 minutes

We are coming off a poor performance at home to Watford losing 2-1 when 60% of our fans through we could win the game and only 20% thought we would lose against Watford.

So that´s a double whammy – we lost the game and at the same time we played poorly – and we didn´t deserve to get anything out of the game.

The 54-year-old has said immediately after the game that he was thinking of maybe going to a more down to earth pragmatic approach in an attempt to win games:

“That’s something we will have to question and look after every game.”   “Can we be free-flowing? Can we be this or that? What identity have we got?”

“And we are still searching for the best team. We are also still searching for the best identity within the personnel we have got here.”

“It’s about results, and we have to try to find a way of playing. We have to be pragmatic.” “I don’t think we have an identity yet.”

“I have seen enough in those first four games – the attitude and the spirit,” “At times, we were a little bit naive in terms of losing our shape and wanting to win things and do things.”

“There’s enough in that dressing room. We have seen enough not to panic and to stay calm. There is no crisis, but only we can turn it round. We must keep working.”

Newcastle play Sheffield Wednesday at home in the 3rd round of the League Cup, so there´s a chance to get a win on the board, albeit against a Championship club.

But we?l take it and it may help to raise the confidence of our players a little bit.

Sheffield Wednesday beat Fulham at home 3-2 on Saturday and they are in 14th place in the Championship with 9 points from eight games.

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