This Man Should Be Very Worried At Newcastle

Newcastle have had a terrible year so far in 2015 and we can only hope we can improve things before the end of the year, but with Chelsea and Manchester City the next two clubs to play in the league, that could be difficult, at least in the short-term.

In the first four games there was some hope that we were a better side than last season and certainly we needed to be.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – Managing Director

But in the last two games at West Ham and at home to Watford we lost both of them and  played poorly in what were the easiest games of our first six.

We hope we are not going to play well against the top sides, and do well but not pick up too many points, but then against the weaker sides in the leagues not play well at all.

That’s a very good recipe for very few points in this league.

One man who will be under intense pressure if results don’t improve – apart from head coach Steve McClaren – is Lee Charnley.

The Managing Director was the man who made the catastrophic decision to appoint John Carver as interim coach after Alan Pardew left in early January, and he leads the Board of Directors.

He was responsible – presumably along with Graham Carr – for going after Steve McClaren and signing him up to a three-year deal.

Steve McClaren was appointed less than two weeks after he was fired by Derby County and in between he was on his summer holidays in Greece, and Newcastle fans seemed to want a more progressive coach.

When Steve was appointed there were a number of former players who came out and said he was a great coach.

But one thing we noticed is his record in management does not reflect that good coaching.

Since McClaren was very successful at FC Twente in 2010 he has head failed with spells at Wolfsburg, Nottingham Forest and lately Derby County, although he did very well at Derby in the first one and a half years.

Newcastle gave Steve his biggest chance in club management.

Lee Charnley also oversaw the spending of over £52M in the transfer market and his boss Mike Ashley will want to see some return for the most money Newcastle have ever spent in any transfer window.

We are hoping that Steve, his coaches and the players can turn this thing around, but if he cannot then it will be seen as another poor decision made by Lee Charnley in the 17 months he has been Managing Director at Newcastle.

If that happens we wouldn´t be surprised if Mike Ashley takes some action, but the billionaire will be wanting to keep Newcastle in the Premier league this season above all else.

There’s some big money down the road if Newcastle can do that.

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