Explosive Comments From Pundit About Newcastle

There’s a lot of news today about Newcastle’s dressing room not being quite right – in other words that it’s being poisoned – and it’s supposed to be by just a few players.

But it’s difficult to know whether this is simply made up or if it’s really true.

cheick tiote in training

Cheick Tiote –  identified as a bad egg?

The press are taking their chance to hammer Newcastle, given that we are bottom of the league right now – well second bottom only to Sunderland on goal difference.

They must all be in high spirits at the moment.

John Richardson is a pundit on Sky Sports’ Sunday Supplement and he made these comments yesterday which have been published in the Chronicle today:

“It’s depressing (he’s right there) – depressing for the area. I feel sorry for the fans – 50,000 turn up at Newcastle, they deserve better.”

“Newcastle brought in Steve McClaren, who we all know is a top-class coach. So everything was in order.”

“But I’m afraid that, although some of the buys have been OK  –  there’s something missing in the dressing room.”

“There’s a lot of players there who aren’t up for the cause.” “I know it sounds a bit of a cliché, but most of them are foreign players who don’t really care.”

“They’re just basically mercenaries.” “It’s not their fault, they’ve been asked to go to Newcastle.”

“They’ve gone in there, the dressing room –  I know there’s a few bad eggs in there.”

“Steve McClaren knows who they are, he wants to get them out, but it’s harder to do that because they’re on bloated wages. Basically there’s a lot of poison there.”

Yes I do know who the bad eggs are. I can say who one of them is: Cheick Tiote.”  “Tiote has supposedly been unfit all season.”

“Newcastle keep sending him for checks and scans – nothing ever comes up.”

“He’s obviously not bothered, he doesn’t want to play.” “There’s other players there of the same ilk and until something happens the club is not going to move on.”

“They need players who care about the club. They’ve got Jack Colback, but they haven’t got too many of them.”

“They’ve got too many players who go missing on the big occasion.” “I mean some of the defending against Watford was absolutely pathetic.”

“Newcastle fans are fed up of this. They want action. But nobody can point the finger at Mike Ashley this time.”

“You’ve got to say it’s the football people in charge there. It’s bad recruitment – that’s got to improve.”

“Steve McClaren I think has got to have a bigger say in who comes in because, after all, he’s coaching them.”

If there are bad eggs in the dressing room then Steve McClaren has to get them out and quickly too.

Cheick Tiote has basically has an injured knee since early this year when he returned from the African Cup of Nations.

Send those players out on loan and have Newcastle  pay a portion of their wages if necessary – but it’s going to kill the team spirit if they are left around the place.

If John Richardson is correct – then Steve McClaren has to take some action.

What Richardson says about Mike Ashley is accurate – Mike did what he said he would do this summer – he gave the board £52M to spend and even let the wage bill grow by keeping experienced players at the club.

If the four players we brought in are not successful, then the person Ashley will hold responsible for that will be Lee Charnley as the Managing Director and leader of the Newcastle Board of Directors.

That’s even though the job he did was to go out and get the players in that the rest of the Board – the football people (Graham Carr, Steve McClaren and Bob Moncur)  – had identified.

But the main person who has the most influence on who we go after in the transfer market seems to be  Chief Scout Graham Carr.

One of the rumors as to why Alan Pardew left the club last January – apart from getting away from all the fan abuse – was that he didn’t have a big enough say in the transfers.

He has that at Crystal Palace.

The Newcastle fans are really frustrated, given what we have all had to go through already this year.

This is not good for my health because I’m supposed to be upbeat and positive.

Yeah – right.


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