McClaren Admits He Will Never Do This At Newcastle

Newcastle fans are not happy and it seems that there is frustration already building up – and we suppose that’s not too surprising when you think what our fans have gone through this year.

It’s been a complete nightmare with our results in the 25 league games played this year and we have 15 points and over the last 17 games we have only one win.

I wish I hadn’t written that down – now I feel even worse.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – we will not panic

Steve McClaren has said this after the game on Saturday:

“ I can understand the fans` reaction. We are just turning things around and I think the majority of fans understand that.”

“Like we have said to the boys in the dressing room, it`s not a crisis, it`s not a time to panic – it`s too early, and we`d never do that anyway.”

“No matter where you are at what stage, we`d never do that, we have too much experience to know that.”

“Like I`ve said to the players, we have got to stick together. We are going to get a lot of criticism and that can be flying from not just media, but also fans.”

“In that dressing room, we have got to stay tight, we have got to stay calm, we have got to stick together.”

“I know and they know and we know deep down there`s a lot to do, a lot to work on and you don`t do it talking about it, which we can`t do.”

We are getting into a bit of a mess at the start of this season, and starting to dig ourselves into a hole.

But we can surely pull out of it with the players we have, although we cannot linger at the bottom for too long because you can get into a habit of losing games.

When that happens it becomes very difficult to start winning games again because the players have lost their confidence.

Another season fighting relegation is not what we were expecting this season – that’s for sure.

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