Senior Player Issues Rallying Cry To Team Mates

The Newcastle team seems short of leaders again – just like last season – but a player who has been at the club for just over ten years has issued a rallying cry to other Newcastle players.

Tim has been talking on the Newcastle web-site today and his words seem so true.

tim krul aresenal

Tim Krul rallying call to other players

This is what Tim has said:

“Everybody needs to grow now. We need to come out and show we are real men.   Chelsea and Manchester City are two massive games and we have to show that we’ve got the fight for it.”

“We need to be better than that, as a team and individually.” “Everybody has to look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they gave everything.”

“If not, they have to start straight away, because what we are doing at the moment is really not good enough.”

“A couple of players put in good performances but there were also some really bad ones.” “The team we put out was more than good enough to win this game, and they didn’t really trouble us.”

“But if you don’t score, you give them hope. That’s what we did and they took advantage.” “The goal was just a long ball which dropped down and the shot got a deflection to take it in.”

“That’s their game – the Championship long ball – but we knew that and should have dealt with it so much better.”

“It’s confidence,” “We are doing alright in some areas, but the end product just isn’t there.

“You have to be honest enough to say that we are getting up there and playing some good stuff to get there, but it’s all about the final quality in the final third, which just isn’t happening.

“I’m not just blaming the forwards though because we need to look at the whole team. Defensively we haven’t been on top form yet – nobody has been.”

Those are good words from Tim Krul, and here’s one player showing the leadership and passion that’s needed to turn Newcastle’s situation around.

Remember – it’s possible we will be in a  decent place in the league by the end of the year – but it’s going to take everybody associated with the club pulling together – and in the same direction.

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