Why Has Nothing Seemed To Change This Season?

If you just look at Newcastle’s results in the eight games we have played so far this season we have only one win, against a League Two Side and five defeats, and in five of those games we haven’t scored.

So nothing much seems to have changed from last season when in our last eleven league games we had one win and nine defeats under John Carver, and we failed to score in five of those games.

worried looking mike ashley yesterday

Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley shown on May 24th against West Ham

We still find it very difficult to score goals and in the final third of the field we are powder puff and just cannot put the ball into the back of the net

In defense, we are still too porous and opposing teams find it too easy to score goals against us.

We are also starting to lose games in the first half and concede early goals like we did against West Ham and Watford.

There are some good signs this season and our performances at Manchester United and Arsenal are better than  any we gave in the second half of last season in terms of a defensive performance.

But in our last three games, which have been against weaker opponents we have hardly looked resilient and have found it difficult to score goals.

In the last two seasons – the first two under the three year £3.1B deal – we have received around £80M from the Premier League and are likely to receive a similar amount next May – wherever we finally finish up in the league.

Then the total Premier League money goes up to £5B for the next three years, an increase of 70% and we are likely to start to receive around £136M for the three years after next May.

That’s assuming we stay in the Premier League.

Mike Ashley is not going to take kindly to a relegation next May, especially after he gave out £52M to Lee Charnley and the Board to bring in new players this summer to strengthen the squad.

It’s hard to say Charnley has done his job and got the best bang for the buck with the players we have brought in over the summer – not yet anyway.

So we have to assume that if things don’t improve fairly soon, Ashley will  helicopter into Newcastle and have a high-level meeting and try to find out exactly what’s wrong at Newcastle.

Ashley will also want to ensure that Charnley and the Board have identified players we can bring in during the January transfer window to strengthen the squad.

Of the four players we have brought in over the summer only Mbemba and Wijnaldum have performed anywhere near their potential and Thauvin and Mitrovic have struggled so far.

It’s not quite a crisis right now at Newcastle, but defeats against Chelsea and Manchester City will mean one win in our first ten games and seven defeats.

That’s not good and that’s a crisis.

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