Lee Charnley Should Put These Plans In Place Now

One of the things that identify good and successful companies is the level of planning they do and you see detailed planning behind all of the most successful companies.

And one of the things that caused Newcastle United´s precipitous fall from grace from last January was a lack of foresight from the person running the club – Lee Charnley.

Maybe it was just a lack of experience in the job.

lee charnleywaist up

Lee Charnley should always be thinking ahead

Lee admitted that he had no plan to replace Alan Pardew when Alan left in early January and that it was a total surprise to him.

That was even after the early season troubles when our results were hopeless and there were demonstrations from some fans that Pardew be sacked.

Why hadn´t Charnley thought through what he would do if Alan kept losing games  before we finally won at home to Leicester and then had some very good results?

And Charnley then compounded that first mistake by putting the inexperienced and untested John Carver in charge mainly because it was the easy choice – he was already there.

And even when it became obvious to most that Carver was simply out of his depth and was saying weird and strange things during his press conferences Charnley didn´t make a move to replace him.

Well not until it was too late with Newcastle flirting with relegation and Charnley was lucky we won our last game of the season an were not caught by Hull in that final game.

He was lucky because he had done absolutely nothing to correct a very bad situation.

We cannot imagine that Mike Ashley was too happy with that.

Lee Charnley hopefully is now working with the rest of the Board to see who we can bring in during January and getting from Mike Ashley exactly how much money can be made available at that time.

And the other thing he must do is have a plan for what he will do if Steve McClaren presides over the real disaster scenario that say – Newcastle lose the next five games.

We hope that doesn´t happen, but that thinking has to be done now.

It´s not negative to do that early on, so that Newcastle are not again caught flat-footed as we were last season when Alan walked out the door.

That´s the work the Managing Director needs to do.

Lee has only been in the job 18 months and at the end of the 2013-2014 season we lost seven of our last eight games.

Newcastle then had a bad start to last season and then Alan Pardew left and we only just survived – and now we are in trouble again at the start of this season with Steve McClaren – who Lee appointed.

So an awful  lot has happened in  the 18 months since Lee Charnley was appointed Managing Director, most of it unfortunately negative.

One last thought – we wonder when the plans for the new state-of-the-art training ground at Benton will start to be implemented?

What do you think?

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