Mike Ashley To Splash The Cash Again In January

The very last thing Newcastle owner Mike Ashley wants this season is a relegation which would mean Newcastle missing out on the new £5B Premier League deal starting next summer, when we are likely to get anywhere from £135M and up from the Premier League for those next three seasons.

So after he has dished out more than £52M in the summer transfer window and must be wondering what he’s got for that money, there’s news today in the Telegraph that the billionaire is willing to give the Newcastle Board more money to spend this January to strengthen the side.

The doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Mike Ashley Sky Sports West Ham Match May 2015

Mike Ashley – more money available in January

But there is not only pressure on Steve McClaren to turn things around at the moment – with our defeat against Sheffield Wednesday in the League Cup being our fourth defeat on the trot – but there  is  criticism of those responsible for setting up the transfer targets – Graham Carr and Lee Charnley.

In other words, the Newcastle Board is under scrutiny – and so they should be if things don’t turn around.

There are some fans who believe Graham Carr has too much power at the club and certainly at this point our last two summer transfer windows don’t look too good.

Charnley and Carr were also responsible for the appointment of Steve McClaren and that hasn’t looked a good appointment, but there´s lots of time to turn the situation around.

While new players will be arriving in January, we don’t think there will be a clear out of players at that time and that´s because it´s just too risky to do that, but a few players could leave.

We have to believe the atmosphere in the dressing room is not as bad as the press is making out.

If there are some bad eggs then maybe those can be loaned out or sold – but this could just be a ploy in the national press to pile on the pressure at Newcastle – and they are doing a good job.

If we are in trouble at the end of the year we fully expect Mike Ashley to make more big money available and Newcastle then have to ensure we get players in who can have an instant impact.

Charlie Austin is one of those players.

It looks like Carr and Charnley balked at paying out the £15M for Charlie but when you look where we are at the moment that was a mistake.

Hopefully, we can get Charlie in during early January whether we are at the bottom or further up the league table.

Bringing in a good center back at that time would also be good.

What do you think?

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