Painful Times Necessary For The Long Term Good Of Newcastle

At his press conference today for the game tomorrow against Chelsea, Steve McClaren took the opportunity to remind everybody that the club is going through some enormous changes  and change is always difficult.

And people don´t like change because it takes people out of their comfort zone and that can be very painful.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – change brings pain and takes us out of our comfort zone

Change is needed because Steve pointed out that since the 22nd November last year the club has won only 5 games out of 32 – and that´s a terrible record and does not bring confidence to anybody – including the players and including the fans.

This is some of what Steve has said at his press conference today:

“We’re going through change, and change is painful.” “This Club and this team has won five games in 32. Everyone has been clamouring for change – that’s what we’re doing and that’s why we’re here.”

“We have to change a lot; philosophy, culture, standards, training and some people adapt quickly to that and some don’t, but it’s necessary.”

“We’re changing our style of play, we want to be possession-based, we want to be attacking and that way can be hard for the players, but when it works it’s good and it’s very effective.”

“At the moment we’re seeing it in training but we’re just struggling at times to transfer it onto the field.” “In football you have to be brave and you have to show belief and that’s what we have to work on,” continued the former England manager.”

“Five wins in 32 does not bring confidence to a club and we have to change that. It takes time and it can be painful but we have to control it. It’s a process we have to get on with but you can’t rush it.”

“You’d like it to be quick and say in three months that’s the finished article and the team’s playing exactly how I want them to play, but they’re not and that will take time.”

“It won’t be easy and it won’t happen in three months, you have to stick to your philosophy and that’s what we’re doing and the players are buying into that.” “To get success sometimes you have to go through painful times, but when we get it right, it’ll be very good.”

“While it’s painful and there are ups and downs – two steps forward, five back – we’ve got to stick to our course and be strong. We go on and eventually we’ll turn it around.”

It´s a testing time for the players, it´s a testing time for Steve McClaren and it´s a testing time not least of all for the faithful Newcastle fans.

What we need is a spark from somewhere – maybe a shock win or a good draw – or something that shows we are really going in the right direction.

Just looking at the results it certainly doesn’t look good.

But some faith is needed – maybe it´s blind faith – but we want Newcastle to be great again.

It may take time – but Steve is right that a lot of things need to change at this club before we are to become one of England´s top clubs again.

Some of Steve´s last words today were that we all have to stick together – for the good of the club.

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