Mourinho´s “Insult” After Game – Get Those Comments Framed!

When things don´t go well for Jose Mourinho he can be very difficult in the TV interviews after the game. and he took what seemed to be a cheap shot at Newcastle after the game.

That was after he had admitted the Newcastle players had sweated blood for the team yesterday.

jose mourinho after the game 2-2

Jose Mourinho whispers to Steve McClaren after the game
You will never win anything?

This is what the Chelsea manager said:

“I think maybe one of the reasons why Newcastle over the years doesn’t get good positions is because of this mentality.”

“It’s because they choose some matches to sweat blood and in other matches, they don’t. This is an attitude typical of a team that wins nothing.”

“It’s bad for them because if they play like this, they win many matches at home, and they don’t. but this is their problem.”

This is not the first time it´s been said that good teams are ready for both the good teams and the poor teams.

Mediocre teams like Newcastle only inspired to turn up against the glamor clubs in the league.

And if you look at Newcastle performances this season we have played well against Manchester United, Arsenal and now Chelsea and we have played poorly against West Ham, Watford and second division  Sheffield Wednesday – with the last two being at home.

What does that tell you?

That Jose is right – and Steve McClaren should get those comments framed and hung in the dressing room.

We play Manchester City next Saturday but then we play Norwich,Sunderland, Stoke and Bournemouth in the following four games – they are some of lesser teams in the Premier League.

How will we play against those teams?

That´s the question.

If we don´t turn up for those four games we deserve to stay at the bottom of the league.

Jose Mourinho may have just helped us do a lot better this season.

How you fare in the league depends more on how you play against teams you should beat than on how you fare against the top teams in the league.

At this moment, Newcastle are living proof of that and we are second bottom of the league table and out of the League Cup.

Get those comments framed!

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