It´s Been Like World War Three At Newcastle

There has been over the top criticism about Newcastle during our terrible four game losing streak – and most of it came from the National press who just couldn´t resist the (big) opportunity  to put the boot in on the famous north-east club.

The fans have battle fatigue after the nightmare that was the second half of last season and we only just survived in the Premier League on the last day of the season.

Steve mcClaren owls 1-0

Steve McClaren – wondering when World War Three will end

Steve has termed the criticism over the last 10 days as like World War Three – so yes – it’s been biting criticism that has become far too personal.

Whatever happens with Steve McClaren let´s not forget he is good man doing his very best to make Newcastle a good side again.

He may succeed or fail in that endeavour but we hope he can be successful – and it´s been a really difficult start for him and his staff.

And very difficult for the fans.

Steve was asked after the game if a weight had been lifted – and this is how he responded:

“Yes and no.”

“Frustrated, happy. For the last ten days frustrated, very frustrated because the performances before the international break – like Arsenal here – the spirit was good.”

“We have come back and the last 10 days it has been like World War Three.” “We expect that and that is the reaction you can get.”

“I have seen evidence we can improve.” “I see them every day in training and they can play.” “They can, they have performances like that against Chelsea in them.”

“If we had just won it would have been an absolute high.” “Yet we have still shown something important. We have seen that already – then it goes, then it comes back.”

“It needs to be consistent and that is what we are looking for now.” “We only have Manchester City next week now (laughs).”

Yes – it´s a tough game on Saturday but Newcastle fans have some confidence that we can play well at the Etihad and maybe even get something out of the game.

That confidence was not there before Saturday´s performance.

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