Why Newcastle’s Overall Approach To Games Must Change

Maybe it´s just me but I thought Jose Mourinho’s comments after the 2-2 draw about Newcastle when he said we have the attitude of clubs who don´t win anything – it seemed he was making a very good point.

One we should listen to.

And for a coach like Jose Mourinho – who has been successful in his career at winning many trophies – this is a thing he obviously concentrates on with his players – every game is important.

Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher – Sky Sports pundit

And after the game Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher thought much the same but also said that it was daft to say Newcastle could play like that in every game.

Jamie made some good points that when Newcastle play lesser (not the top six) teams in the Premier League the crowd expect 3 points and want the team to attack – and the fans wouldn´t put up with the way Newcastle played against Chelsea.

They also pointed out that when the less successful clubs come to Newcastle they generally defend more, so it´s not easy to get them to come out and attack Newcastle so we can use the counter-attack, and somehow we then have to break them down – which is not easy.

We got a rude awakening against Watford because they were clinical in front of goal when we are almost the opposite, and they deserved to win that game.

And almost every Newcastle stat against Watford was better than those against Chelsea on Saturday when we did so well.

It seems that what we need to try to encourage at Newcastle is to have more respect for the other teams in the league other than the top six clubs.

After all 3 points is 3 points and 3 points against say Bournemouth or one of the weaker teams (like Sunderland) is as good as three points against Manchester United.

The players will always be inspired to play well against the glamour sides, but it seems one of Steve McClaren challenges is to get our lads ready for the smaller clubs – especially when we play at home.

We know it´s a bit of cliche, but we should respect all the teams we play – and if we can do that we can do quite well.

I know when I saw Watford at home the only thing I thought was there´s 3 points for us.

But Watford  have a good team and they are well-coached and organized, and they have done well so far in England´s top league.

What we don´t want to see is the team play great again at Manchester City next Saturday – get nothing out of the game or maybe one point –  and then not turn up for our next game against Norwich City at home and lose the game.

That´s a possible recipe for being relegated this season.

We should respect all teams and realize our best chance to win is against the other 14 teams in the Premier League – those who are not in the top six.

The top six being the two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool.

It´s a change in the way we look at things from both the players and also the fans point of view.

That´s a way we could win quite a few games this season ……..

What do you think about this?

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