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Newcastle Tracking Belgian International Striker

9:55 am, Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 69 Comments

Newcastle will be in the market for a couple fo strikers soon, with French striker Emmanuel Riviere unlikely to make the grade on Tyneside and veteran Papiss Cisse probably being allowed to move either in January or next summer.

So in that context it´s not too surprising that the Chronicle is reporting that Newcastle are interested in 21 year-old Marseille striker Michy Batshuayi.

Olympique Marseille's Michy Batshuayi celebrates after scoring against Lille during their French Ligue 1 soccer match at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille, December 21, 2014. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier (FRANCE - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

Michy Batshuayi – Marseille striker

Batshuayi is of Congolese descent and was eligible for the DR Congo through his parents, but earlier this year he elected to play for Belgium.

The 6ft tall striker made his International debut in March in Belgium’s home match against Cyprus in the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying game when he replaced Christian Benteke in the 77th minute.

Three minutes later Michy scored his first goal for his country in the 5-0 win.

Michy played 13 times for the Belgium U21 side scoring seven goals and he’s  a highly regarded young striker.

While still in Belgium Michy played 120 times for Standard Liege with 44 goals and 13 assists and while in France he´s so far played 36 games with 15 goals and 2 assists – so this lad can score the goals.

Newcastle scouts are reported to have been watching the striker and keeping tabs on his performances in France.

Michy has plenty of speed and he’s  a powerful player who could be well suited to the physical game in England.

He’s at an age when Newcastle like to sign players because they can improve on Tyneside and quickly add to their value in the transfer market.

From what we can tell Michy would be a good signing for us depending of course on what fee Marseille would want for him.

He would not come cheap and he has a contract at Marseille that runs through the summer of 2019.

Newcastle did some business with Marseille last summer to get Florian Thauvin to Tyneside, and big money will again be available in January and next summer for Steve McClaren to further improve the Newcastle squad.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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69 responses so far ↓

  • 1 the broons // Sep 30, 2015 at 9:59 AM

    We should have signed this kid when he was at standard liege, would’ve cost less than 10 million and had potential to become another benteke like player easily.

    I still wonder with Riverie, hes never had a tremendous goal record but he has been rated quite highly everywhere he’s been and has more about him to survive in the premier league than what thauvin and cabella did.

  • 2 the broons // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    Also I think I will start noting down the names who constantly criticise Sissoko to see if they treat Thauvin as harshly.

    Both no where near as good as they think, difference is one (sissoko) is suited to the prem, the other (thauvin) is a little boy that looks terrified when he has the ball.

  • 3 martoon // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:13 AM

    I actually quite like Riviere. His all round play is good, he holds the ball up well, lays it off OK and generally makes a nuisance of himself with defenders. Of course the thing missing from his game is goals but I’m pretty sure that’s a confidence thing which hopefully Steve Black can address. From what I’ve seen Mirovic would be first choice but Riviere could be used as a similar type replacement when Mitrovic tires or gets sent off 😉

  • 4 Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:21 AM

    Broon, we should ideally give Thauvin a chance but early signs are not good. Sissoko is a waster who has been defrauding us for quite some time now.

  • 5 hibbit // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    mr broon i dont like sissoko but its more about attitude and at times his lazy play but i can see why we bought him he does look the part.. on the other hand cannot for the life of me see what carr see’s in thauvin weak to small to easy to push of the ball not looking like a prem player i would rather have given cabella another season

  • 6 Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    Michy looks like the type of bloke that Swansea or Leicester would have on their team, terrorising Colo and Willo ! For that reason i say sign him up!

  • 7 martoon // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    From previous topic – sickandtired @7
    I agree I don’t think he would or should be doing that either. However I was presuming that Tony Gale thought he was, hence the criticism!

  • 8 1949BH PROUDTOBEAGEORDIE // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:24 AM

    the chronic also say we are watching fekir and lacazette. fekir has done his cruciate and is out for months. lacazette would qualify for ncle as another one of carrs flops. 5 ft 9 does not like the cold. scored 27 league goals last season but 6 were penalties shanks too many shots. totally out of form this season only scored 1 of the two penalties he has taken and nothing else in all matches.

  • 9 lesh // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:30 AM

    The broons

    Those that slam Sissoko and Thauvin’ll be the same ones that pick out Colbeck and Obertan for stick.

    They’ve got to have someone to vent their spleens on!

  • 10 hibbit // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:32 AM

    lesh thats bullshit

  • 11 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    Never seen this kid play. Has the January transfer madness started already? Just wait for Mitrovic and Perez to form a partnership this season, you won’t be linking us with every Tom Dick and Harry then!

    Maybe I wasn’t so crazy when I said we might be witnessing the fall of the premier league…

  • 12 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    martoon @ 3

    I quite like Riviere too. He gives everything for the team.

    He is more similar to Mitrovic than is Cisse.

    If the future formation is 4-4-2 with Mitrovic and Perez up front then Riviere is the natural substitute for either.

  • 13 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    Tinman @ 11

    ‘…Has the January transfer madness started already?.. ‘

    To be fair I’m sure McClaren said something along the lines that he needed three transfer windows so it looks like we will have to put up with this January madness and then the next in the summer. And no doubt Charlie Austin will be mentioned in both.

  • 14 Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 9:57 AM

    NUFC 83, good call on Obertan. A terrible player who has got away with murder earning the salary he does. He would be badly found out in the championship for his lack of aggression and running power. I made my mind up on him after about 3 games i think, maybe less. As for Sissoko, dont hold your breath. I was booed when I called him a fraud a couple of years ago but i didnt use the word lightly.
    Re Cabella v Thauvin, its certainly looking like Cabella would have done better, on season 2, compared to Thauvin. So far, Thauvin looks like another flimsy winger with a disposition that says ” if you look after me, I can be a genius and make you look like a scouting legend” . In reality, he will probably be hard work, and no more effective than that lazy sod who once ran less than a goalkeper in a game, HBA. Hopefully I’m wrong .

  • 15 Blofal // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Thauvin has been doing what he was bought to do…. which is try and create chances.

    Unfortunately he is not used to the premier league yet though and loses the ball often because I think he is trying too hard to do that.

    He is not terrified when he has the ball. He just needs to be given time to adjust. It’s far to soon to lay judgement on him.

    And Riviere is perfect except for the bit about scoring. His hold up play is brilliant. As good as Mitrovic. If he can just stop snatching at shots he will be quite a good striker. I think under the new coaching staff he might come good.

    Cisse however is terrible. Interesting Article in the Chronicle today about Tiote and Cisse being made to train in the afternoons and not with the main group. I’m not sure the truth of it but it’s concerning if its for any other reason than just being injured.

  • 16 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:49 AM


    Well at least nothing changes! I still don’t think Charlie Austin is worth over 10m, he is a bit of a lump. That’s just my opinion. But no point to talk about that, everyone has had their say about him

  • 17 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:54 AM


    Both have been struggling with knocks so it would make sense that they are training there because of injury. I would be surprised if it was something else.

    Maybe Riviere can surprise us all and have some good appearances off the bench

  • 18 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:55 AM


    Interestingly all talk of Austin dried up once Mitrovic and Perez took to the field together.

    Austin is probably good in his own right but IMHO is not better than either Mitrovic or Perez.

  • 19 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:57 AM


    I just thought there were a lot of penalties and in the right place right time goals with him. Now that is a talent in itself, but it has to be proven over a couple of seasons in my opinion.

    Perez might be our best player in a year or 2

  • 20 martoon // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    I think the jury is still out on Thauvin. He started OK with a sub appearance and game against Northampton. Then he had two poor games but to be fair the whole team were poor in both of those games. I would imagine that he’s living in a hotel or rented house somewhere, not speaking English it is probably difficult to feel settled. This shouldn’t affect a professional but the fact is it does – hopefully as he feels more settled and learns the language then his confidence and game will improve!

  • 21 hibbit // Sep 30, 2015 at 10:59 AM

    blofal….. maybe cabella needed a bit more time he would have had a year in the the prem under his belt……. now we have to start again with thauvin who needs a bit more time

  • 22 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:00 AM

    I see Colback is struggling to be fit for Saturday. Was it his second half absence that enabled Chelsea to gain control of the midfield or just a coincidence ?

    If Colback can’t make it I would prefer to see Mbemba alongside Anita with (I know it’s heresy) Williamson alongside Colo.

  • 23 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:02 AM


    Cabella is struggling in Ligue 1 right now too.


    He has some undeniable qualities. But let’s see how it goes. Time is something we don’t have a lot of in Premier League football! He can’t be worse than Obertan

  • 24 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    Tinman @ 19

    ‘Perez might be our best player in a year or 2’

    If not already !

  • 25 Bobbybee // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    Blofal, you ain’t wrong about Thauvin mate. Writing him off after a couple of games is ridiculous. His biggest asset is crossing for a big striker to attack and that can finally happen now, with Mitrovic on the pitch. Give him a few games with Mitrovic and see how it goes before writing him off.
    Having watched Mbabu at U18’s & U21’s I can say that when he plays right back, he can cross a wicked ball as well.

  • 26 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:04 AM


    Mbemba in midfield? He has been our best defender by far. He has to stay where he is.

    And I think coincidence. Chelsea came into the game because the mentality at Newcastle is to sit back against big teams. Once we got that lead we were always going to defend it and allow them to come into the game.

    Surely Wijnaldum into cm and Thauvin onto the left is a far more reasonable solution?

  • 27 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:06 AM


    I think by accident McClaren has found the perfect reserve right fullback to Janmaat in Mbabu.

  • 28 martoon // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:10 AM

    Tinman & Bobbygee – The other thing about Thauvin is, although we haven’t seen much evidence of it yet, he is supposedly a dead ball specialist as well. Hopefully this is also a confidence thing because we’ve nobody who can take a decent free kick or corner – on Saturday towards the end Perez was taking them but you want him in the box getting on the end of them!

  • 29 Slank // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:12 AM


    Controversial I know but he has demonstrated he has the skills to play as a defensive midfielder. If Tiote was fit (in the head and body) I would play him instead but I’m not sure he is all there.

    I don’t rate Gini in that central role alongside Anita. He isn’t a Cabaye / Fabregas type. Gini’s game is all about pace and movement quickly supporting the midfield and the attack.

  • 30 Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    Bobby, I’m not wring off Thauvin yet, but he has been quite poor and I see no great reasons to be optimistic. Logially looking at it, he was poor last season and has been poor, bar one game, since he came here. He lacks straight line speed ( amply demonstrated v West Ham, assuming he is fully fit ) , which doesnt help, and his effort against Sheffeld Wednesday was pretty abysmal. So its too soon to write him off but there are reasons to be more negative than positive, thats for sure. Hopefully not another bad Carr pick.

  • 31 Munster Mag // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    Slank I think SMC will try to get Gini playing centrally. I’m still keen to give him a chance to do that because of his speed and overall ability, and let a specialist winger play on the wing , if we stick with 442 which seems to suit us. If we go 442, we can start for getting about De Jong having the type of impact we wanted. There is noting intrinsically wrong with 4231 , but SMC has to stop over worrying about possession and instead look at chances. I’m sure he doesnt need Munster Mag to tell him this though 🙂

  • 32 Jib // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:27 AM

    Keep Mbabu on the left
    Play Thauvin in front of him
    Move Gini to CM
    Job’s a good’un !!!!

  • 33 Mister Tuff // Sep 30, 2015 at 11:42 AM

    Just had a quick spin through the posts -and saw chat about Wally doing a root and branch review. That was about it – apparently no source of this – apart from it being stated by Ian Toon.
    Ian Toon – who says Wally is doing a root and branch review – a root and branch review into what?
    Do you have a source or are you just making it up (again)?
    Without a source/evidence of what it is all about I’ll have to label it Ian Toons’ “woot and bwanch weeview” and file it in the same tray as “Maccas’ bwave new world”.

  • 34 hibbit // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    jib thuavin’s not ready for the prem especially in front of a rookie FB at man city not fair on either of them

  • 35 Lindisfarne // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    Time for Siem de Jong to sink or swim, stick him at the top of a midfield diamond with Perez and Mitro in front of him, if he can’t make it work then hook him for good.

    433 and get at them when we have the chance, like last weekend. Chelsea were poor, they only woke up after their substitutions and we do not have the defensive resilience. I would like to see Aarons come on later for either SDJ or one of the forwards as he does well against ManC and offers pace and ability.

  • 36 Lindisfarne // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    I don’t know anything about Michy Batshuayi but stats look good, I wonder if Marseille would take Riviere plus cash?

  • 37 Bobbybee // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    Munster, whilst I fully agree Thauvin hasn’t exactly set the PL on fire, I still think he has what it takes. I know it was only Northampton, but that game he showed his ability to pick out a player with crosses and dead ball situations. If he can find Mitrovic with those crosses we’re in business. Got to pop out, l hope to be back soon. 🙂

  • 38 will die for the toon army // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:34 PM

    I thinl Mcca is going to take a risk on Thauvin. if Colback is injured.

  • 39 martoon // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:35 PM

    This is quite a good article

    I’m not sure how much is based on fact and how much is speculation.

  • 40 will die for the toon army // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:36 PM


  • 41 Lindisfarne // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Have not red through todays articles, but saw somewhere Wolves were interested in Riviere on loan whilst Schteve wanted only Tony to go out on loan. Seems slightly absurd to deny a goal shy striker the opportunity to have a crack in a winning team for a short spell and hold onto the young lad to see if he can cut it in the FA Cup (for one game).

  • 42 Ian Toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:46 PM

    Lilongwe – To continue our discussion of this morning. You say you haven’t seen any positive change. Aside from Macca saying he wanted to be judged after ten games there are deep rooted problems within the club. Not least the structural but the cultural practices. Hence Macca’s desire to engage and improve the communication with fans. It will take time for tangible signs of progress. Hopefully winning football matches before too long.

    You raise the point of my mentioning, Macca being involved in Carr’s scouting activity. In my view Carr deserves some criticism on his record post Cabaye signing. Pardew negotiated the Colback signing with the players agent. I reserve judgment on the signings this season. Simply we have not always signed the right players or not signed players in positions we need to strengthen. For seasons we’ve required a strong pacy CB, FB cover, a creative replacement for Cabaye, a pacy winger and a ST. We have also required more players with leadership qualities and PL experience. With this in mind and as part of his root and branch review of the club, Macca is looking to ensure Carr is more focussed in his scouting activity. The intention is also for there to be a greater emphasis on identifying talented youngsters in the UK. Ashley has been receptive to buying UK talent at a lower price which does require early identification.

  • 43 Lindisfarne // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:46 PM

    @39 (Sorry the names of posters have disappeared)

    A fine article about Schteves management (with a little m) of the team and I hopeful that the outcome of the process will eventually be a much more successful team by Xmas 2016.

  • 44 loonie-toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    What’s everyone’s predictions for man city game then? And for me Perez and mitro got to start hopefully no cisse on the bench think Toney should b on bench let him have a chance if we need change strikers through game fink cisse wanted to move I summer and dint happen he has looked shocking. To say the least

  • 45 Lindisfarne // Sep 30, 2015 at 12:56 PM

    Good article discussing the travails of the top premiership teams in the CL, I just hope we don’t miss the boat in the competition for quality players.

  • 46 Mister Tuff // Sep 30, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    What are these deep rooted problems of structure and culture within the club.
    Word such as structure and culture are too broad to have any useful meaning. What exactly are these structure and culture problems – specifically.
    What is Wallys’ remit exactly to counter these problems.
    The stwucture and culture pwoblems -now relegated to file 13.

    Until I can see a credible source or quotes I’m afraid it looks like more waffle from Ian Toon.

  • 47 Ian Toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    Mr Tuff your the only Wally around here.

  • 48 Mister Tuff // Sep 30, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    Hahahaha – comedy gold. Ian Toon – you hav been asked to explain some of your input and have failed to do so – save for a quick insult in reply.
    It is always this type of response which I feel validates the original questions asking for explanations from you. With no explanation, but an insult it clarifies admirably that this “woot and bwanch” mullarkey and these “stwucture and culture pwoblems” are figments of your imagination (again).
    In the meantime Norm’ you had better get back to the motel to check on mamma Bates.

  • 49 will die for the toon army // Sep 30, 2015 at 1:23 PM

    We have poured too much cash at UK development. The players r jst not reaching out to their potential. Our Academy is full of English players and I think since Mike sees them expensive he will make his own.

    I dont if its Pardew or tge Academy that failed we need to sort out that. Looking at the history we have developed few players compared to the ones that got scholarships.

  • 50 Toon-Prodigy // Sep 30, 2015 at 1:35 PM

    Biggest problem at the club is the transfer structure.

    Which has resulted in a lack of leadership right throughout the squad.

    A load of french and dutch fannies are here for the sake of a better move and the want to double their wages. Simply, not enough heart involved. The experienced Pro’s that are here want to be off or have simply had enough with the policies at the club. They get away with murder which affects the club throughout.

    Colback, Krul and Mitro have heart but it’s no where near enough. Janmaat looks like he cares but he will want to be on his way soon, as does Sissoko and Cisse and Tiote. It’s rotten and it’s no wonder we are where we are.

    Get some leaders and experienced bodies in this January, add some balance to these technically gifted players we apparantly have. Pfft.

  • 51 Our Toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:08 PM

    Colback doesn’t have heart, he had his best game at the weekend but prior to that he’s been missing big time. A player who has heart doesn’t turn his back like Janmaat, Colo and Colback have all done, Colback did it to siguardson who went on to play a through ball to Gomis which led to a goal.

  • 52 Lee Charnley Bunga Party // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:22 PM

    Be interesting to see how we set up this weekend if Colback is out I would give that big Jessie Sissoko one last try in the middle with Anita in a 442 and put Gini and Thauvin/Obertan on the wings unless Aarons is fit then I would start him on the wing

    Be a last chance saloon for me for Sissoko in the middle if he fails to put in the effort get him off the pitch as I think he is sulking on the wing because he thinks he should be playing in the middle well its time to step up in battle against Yaya

    If Kompany is still out I think Mitro and Perez could destroy their centre back pairing as they are all over the place at the moment we just have to be brave enough to attack them

    I hope Mclaren is realising that pacy direct football is so much more effective than this boring possession based play that we apparently have been trying before the Chelsea game people forget that Keegan’s and Robson’s teams were quite direct but it was entertaining I would rather watch that type of football all day

  • 53 Tsunki // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:36 PM

    If you’ve got root and branch problems I know a decent Arborist.

    I see it’s been pondered whether the yanking of colback allowed Chelseas resurgence last game – can I suggest the cessation of pondering? Reason being we got tired, took off the Bully terrorising their defenders and they wheeled out big name subs. I know that Jacks got a sizeable fan base but honestly I don’t think he was that much missed when he went off.

  • 54 Tinman // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    I see Ryder is saying on Twitter that Marveaux has been told be McClaren he will get a first team chance soon

  • 55 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:52 PM

    a couple of fellow fans quite like Riviere. i thought he did OK last year when he linked up with Perez – the pair of them seem to have a good understanding linked up well quick decent in the air and gets into some great goalscoring positions.
    Only problem is when he gets a chance in front of goal needs to put the ball in the net.
    Any ways Saturday – I hope we do not go to Shitty and put 11 men behind the ball.
    And when they have a corner leave either Perez or Obertan when he is on/if to stand on the half way line or in the centre circle for the clearance – good opportunity to counter attack at speed, unlike Saturday against Chelsea in second half – we had 11 men behind the ball and there was no outlet when we cleared the ball

  • 56 Lee Charnley Bunga Party // Sep 30, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    We should have brought Abeid on to replace Colback as he would have kept the energy levels the same …. oh wait!!!

    Why did we get rid of him again ? Mclaren said he could not guarantee him game time well he would be right in the team now

    Maybe he thought Tiote was going to be good ?!

  • 57 loonie-toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    WATCH: Referee pulls out gun

  • 58 Ian Toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    Tsunki- I had to google to make sure it wasn’t a dentist.

  • 59 Tsunki // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    I think Steve wasn’t told before he signed that Cheick had already dropped his soft boiled egg on the floor 🙂

  • 60 Tsunki // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    Could be if you’ve got teeth like George Washington 😉

  • 61 Toon-Prodigy // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:14 PM


    I’ll have to disagree on Colback, for me he is one of only a few who knows what it means to wear the shirt within the current crop.

    He did well last season to start with in his first season, he hit the ground running with 4 goals and 6 assists. He was also was one of the busiest players in the league last year covering huge distance and he is second to only Milner this season also last I read.

    He dosn’t get alot of credit on here but he is one of the best midfielders at the club, infact he is outshining most of our so called international superstars, Sissoko, Anita and Tiote would do well to take note. He looks after himself aswell, reliable where injuries are concerned.

    He is one of the first names on the team sheet.

  • 62 Tsunki // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    Aye I see where you’re going with that Toon-Prodigy, but have you considered…. meh?

  • 63 Lee Charnley Bunga Party // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:21 PM


    Yeah I feel Colback gets a lot of stick mostly because he is a former Mackem and is a local lad ! I think getting him on a free transfer was a good move by the club !

    I think he should be moulded into a defensive midfielder and look at him to improve his passing as he plays the safe ball a lot rather than the forward pass although this could be under instructions from Mclaren?

  • 64 brklyngeordie // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    You can write me down as one that criticizes Sissoko shows glimpses but not consistent enough for me and doesn’t use his physical stature enough for me and all his talking of playing for a champions league team is a slap in the face when he can’t even keep us out of relegation battles..

    As for Thauvin the jury is still out but if we could have we should have threw the money for Abdenour but afraid that shipped has sailed but as always no matter who pulls on the black and white I will be pulling for them I wish they all perform well

  • 65 Tsunki // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    I like colback for every reason except his lack of creativity or defensive capability. He’s not outstanding on either of those. His passing is short and usually negates any forward movement. He’s a facilitator of movement but not much in the way of any positive kind.

  • 66 Ian Toon // Sep 30, 2015 at 3:32 PM

    Toon- Prodigy- I couldn’t have expressed it better. Jack is the very personification of guts and determination . He is also more skilful than given credit many. I would suggest that he hasn’t reached the heights of last season yet because he has been playing deeper and the movement ahead of him has been static. This makes forward progression harder- he would always be selected ahead of Anita who stays well within his comfort zone. Unlike Colback he’s more style than substance. Colback doesn’t go missing when the going gets tough- as we saw under Carver. Anita had his best and noticeable game at the death against West Ham – we need more performances like that.
    Just my opinion.

  • 67 Jib // Sep 30, 2015 at 8:59 PM

    🙂 😎

  • 68 Jib // Sep 30, 2015 at 9:00 PM


  • 69 Visten // Oct 1, 2015 at 7:38 AM

    Writing off Thauvin now is a total joke, give the lad a chance. You need a season to judge a player, Cabaye and Enrique are examples. Cabella had a season and was shot off as he did not cut it. The difference between Thauvin and Sissoko for my mind is that Thauvin is trying to hard to impress rather than settle down and learn the League, whilst Sissoko just can’t be bothered. I know which one I would pick if I had to sell one.

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