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Alan Shearer´s Twitter Reaction To Heavy Newcastle Defeat

5:22 pm, Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 61 Comments

Alan Shearer like most of the rest of us thought Newcastle played well in that first half and we probably could (should) have been ahead after we missed a couple of good chances after Aleksandar Mitrovic scored his first goal for Newcastle with a header to put us 1-0 ahead.

alan shearer recent

Alan Shearer – good first half but what happened?

And Alan Shearer thought it was a very good performance in the first 45 minutes.

But then what happened in the dressing room at half time that resulted in City scoring three goals in the first 8 minutes and 5 goals in the first 18 minutes of the second half with the Newcastle defense reeling.

Newcastle should be working hard to identify players we can bring in during the January transfer window if we want to be a Premier League club next season.

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Comments welcome.

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61 responses so far ↓

  • 1 toonbrother // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    TS My point is Mourinho understands the principle of a strong defence as the foundation of the team
    There are no sacred cows for him when it comes to building a strong defence.
    This is always his priority when he takes over a team.
    Sorting out the back four
    He spares no one irrespective of status or reputation in his quest to get his defence right
    Terry at his peak was a great defender and he is now creeping over the hill
    Colo at his peak was a mediocre defender and he went over the hill 3 seasons ago
    Unfortunately for us Pardumb was in charge then and he was enamoured with him
    The impact of having a HORRENDOUS defender like Colo embedded in your team is subtle but devastating
    Like a poison seeping through the bloodstream
    Only the most discerning observer notices the damage being done before it is too late
    Sadly its taken us conceding 17 goals in 8 games for people to see what I saw a long time ago

  • 2 toonbrother // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    Shearer is clueless as a pundit but he has so far been the only manager to notice what a terrible player colocinni is.
    The rest like sheep have gone with the received wisdom that he is a good player
    We have paid dearly for this

  • 3 Transfer Sage // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    toon brother

    I agree, you need a good defence.

    Different managers do it in different ways but like you say, need leadership and quality at the back. Players who are organised and know their job.

  • 4 manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:26 PM

    manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    the transfer policy isn’t to blame!!!?

    jesus christ so not buying players to build a squad capable of competing in the toughest league in the world isn’t to blame!?

    how about not replacing players when sold not to blame either i suppose?

    the transfer policy is absolute shite and should be scrapped look at us right now never mind the previous seasons 8 games in we are playing a cb at lb who replaced a reserve rb who was playing at lb
    if janmaat gets injured same again
    then we’ve got an attackin player in goof playing cm
    and its been like this for years ffs

    how can anyone say the transfer policy isn’t to blame its a joke like!

  • 5 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:27 PM

    He’s your first post match interview with McLaren and yours truly, the Senior Official Club Journo: SOCJ: Steve what was your first impression of that game? Steve: Well, I would call that a game of two halves G2. I liked what I saw in the first half. I wasn’t too keen on the second half… SOCJ: What did you think of your defensive duo of Anita and Gouffran Steve? Steve: Well they seemed to have a bit of trouble sorting their feet out. I noticed a few problems handling Aguero, DeBruyne and Silva. But only a few problems mind. I’m convinced they are a top notch defensive pairing…. SOJC: Any plans for the international break Steve? Steve: Well I was planning to give the lads a few days off, possibly drive them to Blackpool and let them run around at the beach….But now…Hmmm….I think we might need a bit of extra practice….. SOCJ: Well thanks for that Steve…..I think???

  • 6 toonking // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:28 PM


    saying palace’s current form is just a purple patch is no different to saying newcastles form was black injury hit+ colo willlo partnership patches.

    Weather they great managers or crap managers they’ll not guarentee the great form unless they have the great team which is why under sven and cappello england still couldn’t make it into a semi final at the world cups.

  • 7 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:29 PM

    I don’t think you need to be too discerning to see that Captain Colo is at at sea and has been for a long time. It’s not just obvious, it’s embarrassingly so.

  • 8 SUTTY1978 // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:29 PM

    Just seen McC interview, asking for a reaction from the players, he’s said this after nearly every game this season!

  • 9 toonbrother // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:30 PM

    @4 manxpie
    can you articulate the “transfer policy” of this club?
    people keep throwing the buzz phrase “transfer policy” around but what does that actually mean in our club?

  • 10 toonking // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:31 PM

    Something tells me deep down you yourself know he did do better than your thought and you jjust took things too far because there is absolute no serious toon fan that can’t describe our buy for cheap sell for profit policy as part of the problem

  • 11 manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:33 PM

    with the money in the prem now its absolutley criminal that we don’t have a full squad of 2 players for each position

    when you look at the other teams who have that and countless players out on loan

  • 12 Toon Tang // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:33 PM

    Back to the drawing board eh

  • 13 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:34 PM

    Goofy failing to track back again. Makro only needed to do his homework on Goofy (watching some videos) to recognise that you can’t take him to the Etihad. He should be overseen washing the strips and cleaning the boots.

  • 14 Llort muw // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:35 PM

    Where’s Wijnaldum Ed?? Laughable that our arguably best player is left out of the voting. Why the rush? So eager for those clicks aren’t you… -_-

  • 15 manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:36 PM

    buy young foreign players with potential but only when there cheap enough and regardless if we need them at the time
    oh and if we don’t look like we are going to get relegated dont spend a penny

  • 16 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:37 PM

    Existing weaknesses at the club:
    1. Goal – Krul has had no competition for years now. However he’s left stranded by his defense so often there is no way to assess him fairly.
    2. Back four – extremely poor and have been for at least 3 years now. Colo: too small, slow, and old. Saylor: permanent sick note Willo: not Prem standard and hasn’t played for ages so we dare not bring him in.
    Mbemba: basically on his owon. Fullbacks: Janmaat ok going forward but gets caught out fairly often. Left backs: no experience, too young to start. Dummett too slow.
    4. Midfield: our best position because that’s all we ever buy is midfielders. Still a lot of dead wood to move out. Gouffy, Obertan, Tiote, Anita (too small) need to be moved on. Others are just bedding in.
    5. Attack: Mitro and Perez may be decent but at the rate we concede goals it won’t really matter as we’ll be relegated and they will leave.

  • 17 chiefone30 // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:37 PM

    Well that’s it for me till next season.

  • 18 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:38 PM

    The top clubs like Man City are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. It’s not a fair contest any longer. The second half was boring for the neutral, I’m sure. It happens all too frequently. Financial Fair Play doesn’t seem to be working. The Premier League will soon become a turn off.

  • 19 gorgonzola ( former Pecorino former to gorgonzola) // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:38 PM

    Relegation is certain. You cannot lose with a score line like this.

    Thank God I didn’t watch mire dross.

    Club is finished.

  • 20 go toon goooo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    Without left and right full backs any team will lose this way like we are.That’s it.

  • 21 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    And this is the state we’re in after nearly 9 years of Ashley. Disastrous. He won’t dare show his face again unless by some miracle we start to play better against the weaker sides in the division.

  • 22 JAMSHA // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:40 PM

    The Newcastle Armchair
    mayb im a scout or mayb not, but i do no wich players wont make it , as i said at start, cabella, thuvin, rivere,sissoko aint good enough, overrated

  • 23 JAMSHA // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    would have better spent that money on lennon, towsend, glen johnson, shelvy

  • 24 gorgonzola ( former Pecorino former to gorgonzola) // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    Ashley thanks for your penny pinching the club is history.

    Think the best is to close doors and sell it off.
    Complete joke. How does one lose 6:1 Sixxxxxx !!!

    Absolutely disgusting.
    All players we bought will leave..

    Might as well piss 50 mill away. Would have been better.

  • 25 Mister Tuff // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    Embarrassing display – but it should serve as a reminder that we are in a lot of trouble – not sure whether we’ll get anything like a decent haul of points in the bag – before any January re -enforcements turn up.
    Signings in the summer – really just half a job done.

    I see that Toonbrother is I suppose justifiably crowing, strutting and preening his feathers.

  • 26 Toon Tang // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:43 PM

    G2 slot 16

    +1 on the Mitro/Perez partnership. Looks like the perfect combo but with such a pap defence and center mid we will always be a step behind the oppo.

    Long live mahatma Gandhi

  • 27 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:43 PM

    Never seen a worse 20 minutes of football in the Prem. The only thing that came close was when Derby County were in the division for one season a few years back. That was diabolical. They had attackers so wide open they could have had a nap before scoring. Aguero is on a different planet to our defenders. Or should we call them defenders?

  • 28 JAMSHA // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    we need just one owner who would get some1 like klopp, carlos ancelotti, pep guardiola… thats wen il see the real nufc

  • 29 manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    aye blackley someone said the other day chelsea had 70 mill worth of players out on loan 30 odd players which is ridiculous
    but even more ridiculous is we dont have a full squad!

  • 30 Llort muw // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    Future team that would be strong in the league:

    Janmaat_Mbemba_Matip_New LB
    New_New _New _Wijnaldum

    Midfield too weak.

    Defense too weak.

    Attack has tonnes of potential and is good.

    Shift out:


    I know that’s a lot but this is what is bad with the club right now.


    Missed a few I know because I’m unsure on where id put them.

  • 31 will die for the toon army // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    I cant believe u guys can complain wen we lose against a top 5 teqm those guys pump in crazy money in their clubs and u think ur 50m can make a change.

    We were relegation contenders last season u expect a turn around over night. Our signings were spot on this season. Mcca will build a club in 3 seasons jst doesn’t happen over night.

    We might have a big stadium and crazy fans but we r no longer a big club and once u accept it we will progress slowly.

  • 32 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:45 PM

    I can’t see Mitro and Perez scoring enough goals to keep us up. We need a 20 goal a season man. I don’t see them getting 20 goals between them.

  • 33 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:45 PM

    As I’ve said before Mr. Tuff mate the next 4 matches will determine the season. Norwich, mackems, Stoke, and Bournemouth. If we get 4 points or less from those 4 games we’re going down.

  • 34 mattyNUFC // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    i’m sorry but Janmaat is just as bad as everyone else

    we need a new RB just as badly as we need a new LB, two new CBs (one back up for Mbemba), winger, 2 CMs and another forward

    what an absolute waste of money Thauvin seems to be. El Mohammady would’ve cost 2m and is like an Obertan with end product.

    this is just pathetic

  • 35 manxpie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    tbf we have had a tough 8 games fixture wise probably the toughest so i dont think ya can discount that
    our next 5 or 6 are more winnable and i hope steve is using this break to get these players up to full fitness
    just watch janmaat get injured tho just watch!

  • 36 toonking // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:48 PM


    we could break 2 records continuing as we currently doing, not only relegated with just 10 points but also not getting a single win, arsenal the invinsibles newcastle the visibles

  • 37 Toon Tang // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    Blackley. Get the service in to them and they will score I’m sure. Absolutely zero creativity coming from center mid, the occational cross maybe but not enough for the required ratio of attempts to goals.

  • 38 The Newcastle Armchair // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:49 PM


    Now you’re just naming French players we’ve bought.. you know, the ones who haven’t reached their potential here because they’re wantaways bar Thauvin who we’ve just bought.

    Every manager who has managed Arma has said he’ll be playing at the top level.

    Actually I’d rather listen to a blog reader who ‘thinks he knows’ that he won’t make it

  • 39 mattyNUFC // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    will die…

    thauvin was spot on?

    this is definitely a time to kick and scream. these 5-1, 5-0, 7-3 scorelines have become the norm that I don’t even gawk at them any longer. what this club has become in such a time frame is pathetic and abhorrent

  • 40 kakaobi // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:50 PM

    Again people blame Ashley but it was Carr who bought the players it was Carr who gave the job to his mate Macclaren and its me saying enough is enough I’m not wasting any more money on this pile of shite I’ll cancel my season ticket in February

  • 41 mattyNUFC // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:51 PM

    toon tang


    mitro/perez partnership is gold. the rest of the team is the issue

  • 42 will die for the toon army // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    We need patience. It took Mcca 3 seasons to build Boro and Twente give a guy a break. As a team we need alot of replacements and we have to build slowly.

    Mcca made some crazy decisions but the players that he made a risk on havent helped. Let’s give this guy two windows.

  • 43 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    The vinsibles toonking mate!!! NUFC!!! One win in our last 16 going back to last season. Five wins from our last 33 matches!! Were even Derby County that bad for that long? I remember they took four points from us that season….. 😳

  • 44 Toon Tang // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Really need a Cabaye in the middle threading balls and a couple of solid CB’s. Why is it we have never ever ever had a decent defense. We probably have but it just feels as though we’ve never had a water tight rear-guard.

  • 45 Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Will die for
    Our signings were not spot on by any means. There will be no turn around when big money is spent poorly. Thauvin, like Cabella, is a waste of money. £25M lost to the cause. Mbemba, Wijn and Mitro were expensive, but all we can say about them so far is they’ve done okay. The weaknesses have not been addressed. There’s no sign that Graham Carr knows what they are. Indeed, the faith put in Colo should have set alarm bells ringing immediately.

  • 46 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    It won’t be possible for Macca to rebuild us with the Ashhole in charge will die mate. Our problem has always been the owner. He will destroy us before he’s finished.

  • 47 JAMSHA // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Future team that would be strong in the league:

    Janmaat_Mbemba_Matip_Alaba LB
    PEA_Erikson _Messi _Ronaldo

  • 48 ilovetoon8788 // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Yes thauvin seems like a massive waste of money.

    But still, dropping colo is inevitable now.

  • 49 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:54 PM

    Well the season starts in a fortnights time with us on minus 6 points and a shocker of goal difference to get us out of a relegation place without the other teams winning.

    Going to be hard and to be honest I cannot see us doing it 37 points in 30 games to reach the magical 40 nigh on impossible with the players we have

  • 50 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:54 PM

    Those are the crucial questions Tangy mate @44. Nobody will ever know except Ashhole and his gang of idiots at the top.

  • 51 Tsunki // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:56 PM

    Congrats to toonbrother who has single handedly willed Coloccini’s inevitable demise as a footballer.

    Where’s jeff when you need someone to jibe you for being overly negative? Where’s Mr positive thinking and the blue sky parade?. Maybe it’s the 20 minutes of sobriety rained down on us by the Real World of Premier League Football that has them cowed behind mams sofa.

  • 52 JAMSHA // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:56 PM

    The Newcastle Armchair

    but ul see mate he wont make it, his just gona end up like campbell..vukich, sammy, unless his managed by some world class manager, but still his just gona b a decen champianship player

  • 53 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:57 PM

    Well, I’m going to do it. I never thought this would happen this early in the season. The Thong of Utter Devastation. I’m putting it on now and keeping it on until we win a game…… Harrumph.

  • 54 Oleg G // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:58 PM

    Blackley and Brownlie // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:45 PM

    If you don’t have a 50-60 goals a season squad, a midfield who can help that 20 goals a season striker, then it doesn’t matter that you have that striker.

  • 55 mattyNUFC // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:58 PM


    f*** off. i’ve got about as much time for you as i do your sexist and homophobic sound offs

    talk about a complete waste of time….scrolling through comments and realizing i accidentally spent two seconds reading the drivel that seeps out of your brain and onto this blog.

  • 56 GeordieTwo // Oct 3, 2015 at 5:58 PM

    When in doubt drop it in the Ashhole. I’m planning on showering him with abuse. Feel free to join in lads.

  • 57 will die for the toon army // Oct 3, 2015 at 6:00 PM

    Whoever wants to stop supporting NUFC is free to go we will wait until we get where we want to be. Am a young fan but we were worse in 80s and the Keeagan happened. Patience is needed and we will have to wait.

    Wont give up on my club coz we have been beaten by a Great team. I see positives and I will rely on it. NUFC for life and wont give up on it.

  • 58 toon kk // Oct 3, 2015 at 6:00 PM

    I was given some flack off many on this blog for saying we would struggle this term before the season started, many had us top six plus.
    Well I’ll say it again- we’re the WORST team in the premier league in fact we would be in a relegation scrap if we were in the championship.
    A absolute disgrace from a shit football team.
    Those players should hang there heads in shame.

  • 59 toonking // Oct 3, 2015 at 6:00 PM


    yep they certainly had that 1 lucky win against us heavens know what humiliation the media will give us then. This season is a one that i’m worried could be a real emaressment for toon fans because based on current form we’ll see ourselves relegated to the championships and palace finishing in the top 6, media everywhere will embarress us with headlines linking both.

  • 60 TroubledToon // Oct 3, 2015 at 6:51 PM

    Matty, I gotta agree with u… The thrashings v get have now become customary with the club. Every season, there has to be 1 and it just doesn’t hurt as bad. I remember when we lost 6-1 to Man U in 2003, I went to sleep crying, sobbing…. It hurt so bad at the time…
    Today, I just stared numbly at the TV.
    For me I think my breaking point was the loss to Watford… Was just depressed with the club after it… So much so, that even the loss against Sheffield didn’t make a difference.. Was just another loss for me…
    Year after year, every time u thing it just can’t get worse, some how it does. Dunno how we change it around… Get rid of Macca, players, Fatty, Carr n his coterie…. V don’t deserve such suffering as fans

  • 61 TroubledToon // Oct 3, 2015 at 7:19 PM

    Watching Van Dijk play vs Chelsea. He’s won every single ball in the air. Barley let anything past him. Yet another quality target of ours, where we sat back n did nothing n ended up losing them.
    13 mill for Thauvin? Worst bit of business we’ve EVER done. 13 mill for a piece of shit in a tux!!!! N b4 d Thauvin Fan Club jump on my backside, lemme tell u this…. Screw the new kid, new country, new language, new league crap…. U don’t need acclimatizing to get ur damn corners to beat the first man!!!! Or to dribble a freaking ball!!! Ur not fit to even be a water boy!!!!
    Damn u Carr!!!! Damn u!!!!

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