Newcastle Hit Rock Bottom – Here´s What´s Wrong With Our Players

Newcastle put in an excellent first half display and should have been at least two goals up after Mitrovic had opened the scoring after 18 minutes and Newcastle scored again, but it was flagged for offside.

The TV replays showed that no Newcastle players were offside and then Mitrovic had a great chance to score again – but his shot was well blocked by goalkeeper Joe Hart.

So we continued where we left off against Chelsea – but then we conceded five goals in the first 17 minutes of the second half as this Newcastle side collapsed once again.


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Steve McClaren on touchline today

There´s something very wrong with Newcastle this year – we have played 27 league games and got only 16 points from the possible 81 points played for and we have only three wins and 17 defeats.

Steve McClaren´s record is worse than that of John Carver with only three draws and five defeats in the first eight league games.

One of the things that seem to be a weakness is our players simply aren´t mentally tough enough – they have to be a lot more mentally tough in these games and we are still short of leaders.

Those are the people who take control and have an influence when things are going terribly wrong – like they did today at the start of the second half.

This is how McClaren explained things after the final whistle this afternoon:

“Once we conceded the third goal we need to handle it better.” “We let ourselves down in that 13-minute spell but give credit to City.”  “We have shown what we are capable of and what our weaknesses are.”

“We have to toughen up and get ready for the next spell of games.”  “I think we carried on the level of performance from last week – a 2-2 draw with Chelsea.”

“We came here to win, were bold in our 4-4-2 and in that first half we really shook Manchester City. We scored the first goal, we scored a second that was disallowed which was onside and we had other opportunities.”

“The goal just before half-time was the goal that gave them a lift and in the second half we got done by Aguero. His finishing was world-class.”

“We knew it would be a tough job. We know what needs to be done and it can’t be turned around in a short period of time. It needs patience.”

“We’ve seen over the last two weeks the work that has been done. In the first half we looked a very good Premier League team. In the second half we didn’t look a very good team. We need to produce for 90 minutes.”

Mike Ashley has every right to ask what is going on at the club – and how come we have just three points in the first eight league games and we seem to be no better than last season after £52M has been spent on new players in the summer.

That´s the question to the Newcastle Board who are the ones running the club in every way these days – other than how much money is made available in each transfer window – that´s Mike Ashley´s job.

But the owner cannot be too pleased with the way £52M has been spent last summer.

There´s still 30 games to play in the league of course and that’s plenty of time to sort things out and the sooner we get our first win in the league the better it will be for very connected with the club.

That second half was completely embarrassing today.

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