Newcastle League Stats Are Not Good – In Fact They’re Terrible

It’s really not worth it for Newcastle fans to concentrate too much on Newcastle’s current statistics in the Premier League or what we have done over the last 18 league games – since we have only one win to show for our efforts.

That’s why it was so important to get the win against Chelsea last Saturday because that would have been 3 points to add to the 7 points we have taken from the last 18 league games.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – good results against City

If we had beaten Chelsea last week we would have added 43% to the 7 points we have picked up in the last 18 games – and that was after just one game.

Steve McClaren is still upbeat about a possible good result today as he had this to say in the Chronicle:

“I know the place well but we need a performance now.” “Thanks for reminding me! I heard we haven’t won in 11 games. Look, that’s history.

“It would take a magnificent performance combined with attitude and a bit of luck plus good refereeing decisions, but luck is the main one. Luck is what you need when you go to these places.”

“The players have to show courage, strength and mental belief to get any kind of result. It’s a tough, tough challenge.”

“But as I say we done it at Old Trafford and gave a good performance with ten men against Arsenal, and we did it against Chelsea, we fought all the way and have to do the same at Man City.”

“It is a great challenge for us, magnificent. It’s one of those opportunities in football. We are trying to build something here.”

“So we have to try to build on the performance last week, especially that first half. We’re away from home but we’re looking at the same kind of attitude.”

“We’ll probably need the same type of luck as we got at Old Trafford. You always need a performance but you always need luck.”

“We had it in the first 20 minutes and we grew in that game. We have to do the same at Man City.”

The way to break the very bad run Newcastle are on at the moment is to get a shock result,

We nearly did it last week and if we can get the win today the spirits would be immediately lifted on Tyneside.

That’s what the Newcastle players have to go for today – the win and 3 points.

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Note: The title of this article reminds us of a famous line in Dickens’ David Copperfield when Mrs. Creakle says to David:

“I hear this morning your mother is ill. She is dangerously ill. In fact, she is dead.”

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