Alan Shearer Has It Absolutely Right On Newcastle

One thing we are finding out about Newcastle’s players is they are not mentally tough and as soon as they went behind to an early second half Aguero goal yesterday  they simply collapsed and allowed Manchester City to pick them apart.

It was hard to watch.

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Alan Shearer – relegation if they don´t toughen up upstairs

And we don´t believe it was because of Manchester City´s brilliance in the form of Sergio Aguero as Steve McClaren would have us believe – it was because too many Newcastle players stopped playing.

Aguero was allowed to be world-class by the shoddy way Newcastle defended in the second half.

This is what Shearer said about the game last night on Match of the Day:

“Aguero was absolutely world-class but the difference was Newcastle’s first half performance and their second half performance, which was pretty embarrassing.”  

“It was  staggering really.” “In the first half they were tight, compact and working for each other and covering each other’s backs.”

“When one person was beaten his mate was there to help him out. City came up against a wall in the first 42 minutes.”  “In the second half the mistakes came into Newcastle’s games. There was no closing down.”

“There’s a fragility about Newcastle, a losing mentality about the football club. They have now won one of the last 19 football matches.” “They have not come from behind enough since last December. It doesn’t hurt enough.”

“They can’t capitulate like they did at half-time when things are going so well for them. It’s like the flip of a coin.” “It can’t be accepted for that losing mentality to happen because before long they will be relegated if they keep on performing like that.”

Newcastle find a way of not winning – and as Alan said we have just one win (in the last game of last season)  in 19 league games since we beat Aston Villa 1-0 at the end of February.

We have 7 points in those last 19 league games.


There have been a  couple of times when we´ve been ahead at St. James´ Park but allowed the opposition to equalize in the last 10 minutes – and one of those times was last week against Chelsea, who were beaten 3-1 at home by the Saints yesterday.

Every player needs to toughen up mentally otherwise when we play the weaker sides who are coming up we´ll fail to win in those games too.

Wins are what we need to get away from the bottom of the league table.

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