Newcastle´s Struggled For 18 Months – We´ll Deal With This

Newcastle are rock bottom of the league and while we´ve been in the bottom three a few times in the last few years it´s very rare that we have been bottom – especially  for at least two weeks because of the International break.

steve mcclaren at etihad 6-1

Steve McClaren solemn at the Etihad

But on the other hand we´ve played the top four clubs in our first eight games and easier games are coming up and we have to start picking up some wins.

This is some of what Steve McClaren said after the game on Saturday:

“In the last 18 months that’s been the problem at this football club,” “We’re here to turn that around and we’re going to do whatever it takes.”

“It’s a difficult job, but we’re determined to do it. ‘But this is not just happening now, it’s been happening for 12, 18 months.”

“They’re going to have to start doing it otherwise we’re in a fight for the rest of the season. That’s the reality.”

“We’re in real difficulty now.”

“I don’t speak to Mike. It’s Lee Charnley who I speak to.” “We’ve spoken from day one about this.”

“In fact he has probably stressed it more than I did about how much it would take, and about how much time it would take.”

“This is a job for an experienced person’, and that’s why we’re here.” “We’ve got an experienced staff who can cope with this and deal with this.”

“Will it turn around over night? No. But there’s a reality from everybody looking that that’s where we are and it’s up to us now, it’s our responsibility now to turn that around.”

“This was never going to be easy.” “It’s proving now how difficult it is. When you can get spells in games where you look very good, and other spells where there’s a collapse in 13 minutes.”

This terrible start to the season is hard to take for Newcastle fans and ever since Alan Pardew was suspended for headbutting a Hull City player on March 1st last year Newcastle´s results have simply sucked.

We lost seven of our last eight games in the 2013-2014 season, mostly with John Carver on the touchline for the suspended Pardew, and then we got just 4 points from seven games at the start of last season.

As it turns out the Sack Pardew crowd have made Alan Pardew into one of the best performing coaches in the Premier League this year thanks to his tremendous record at Crystal Palace since he joined them.

He has 47 points from 27 games played and that´s 31 points more than Newcastle have mustered from those games.

And when John Carver took over in early January we lost eight league games in a row and got one win out of our last 11 games last season.

So it hasn´t been good even before the new head coach arrived in June.

And now Steve McClaren has to turn this thing around and he will need the full support of the Newcastle fans to do that.

We´re all in this together.

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