Unsympathetic And Worried Alan Shearer Blasts Newcastle

Alan Shearer, like a number of battle weary Newcastle fans – fears that the club may be headed for another relegation fight this season – the third in the last four seasons, and the former England and Newcastle striker fears we may go down to the Championship in May.

If that happens it will be an absolute tragedy and the Newcastle Board will take the hit because they were given the money to fix the squad in the summer and the team still has a number of major weaknesses.

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Alan Shearer – blasts Newcastle team

Mike Ashley will also be heavily criticized because he didn´t make any money available last January when the club were seemingly safe, but the team plunged down the league table under John Carver, who was over his head in the job.

Managing Director Lee Charnley has appointed both John Carver and Steve McCalren and both look the easy but dodgy choices.

We are still hoping Steve will come through and there´s still lots of time for that to happen.

Ashley in May pledged to spend big money at Newcastle and we were going to start making our own luck.

This is the rather blunt assessment Alan Shearer has made about the Newcastle team and he has no sympathy for Steve McClaren:

I don’t have any sympathy for him (McClaren), not really.”   ” I don’t know if the transfer activity was different to what he expected, hoped, needed or wanted.

” But he knows what he is signing up for.”  ” If they perform like they did against Watford  and Sheffield Wednesday and the second half at Manchester City, then yes, before long they will be relegated.”

” ‘I don’t know what Newcastle team are going to turn up. I don’t think anyone does.”

” McClaren doesn’t know and I don’t know, and that is the worry. There is a fragility and a losing mentality about the football club.”

It? a bad start to the season – no doubt about that – but we are still hoping the team can get its act together and start winning some games – and soon too.

Whether that will happen will depend on which Newcastle team turns up in future games.

As we saw on Saturday the good team turned up in the first half and played very well at the Etihad.

But then the error prone fragile team turned up in the second half and we were anhialted and conceded five goals in the first 18 minutes of that half.

We need the good team to turn up for every game and for every half.

If that happens we should be OK – if it doesn´t we will be in trouble.

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