There’s Only One Newcastle Goal For This Season

While it’s been another depressing start to the season coming after the disasters of last season, which was one of the worst in Newcastle’s Premier league history – we still have hope that things can pick up this season.

But when you consider we are 6 points from safety (taking into account our goal difference) after only eight games played – it’s not a good start so far this season.


Lee Charnley – he will be under pressure
That’s a strange smile

We have had a tough start in terms of the games we have played but what’s not good is that in the two games when we played teams that didn’t finish in the top eight last season – at West Ham and at home to newly promoted Watford – we were second best and didn’t seem to bother turning up for those games.

Those are some of the really worrying things about our season so far.

The other is that we fielded a strong side against what was almost a reserve Sheffield Wednesday side at home in the League Cup and still managed to lose that game.

So it may be a case that the glass is either half full or half empty and we are hoping the glass is half full and that better things are to come.

We should know how things really stand after we have played the next two games – at home to newly promoted Norwich City and at Sunderland.

If we can get two wins or even four points out of those two games that would be good and things should start to pick up from there.

But if we play like we did against West Ham and Watford and cannot get many points out of those games and heaven forbid we lose our sixth straight game against Sunderland, things will not be good.

That’s an understatement.

And the powers that be at Newcastle will need to huddle and identify what we need to do to somehow stay in the Premier League this season.

It was like a living nightmare after John Carver took over the side in that second half of last season.

And the start to this season under new head coach Steve McClaren hasn’t been much better although there have been some positive signs.

We hope things improve but if they don’t there’s only one goal for Newcastle this season and that’s to stay in the Premier League.

We should then be doing all we can to bring in players (like defenders) in the January transfer window.

As we said, we hope it doesn’t come down to that but we need to start winning some games very soon.

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