Derek Llambias Could Return To Newcastle

If Steve McClaren cannot turn the situation around at Newcastle say in the next five games – which are easier fixtures than we’ve had so far then Mike Ashley will have little choice but to bring in another head coach.

The very last thing Ashley wants is to have Newcastle relegated this season and miss out on all that TV money in the Premier League.

lee charnleywaist up

Lee Charnley – Newcastle Managing Director

But if Steve McClaren does get fired then the owner has every right to ask what’s going on at the club and there could be awkward questions for the man running the club – Lee Charnley.

Since Lee was appointed – essentially to replace Joe Kinnear Newcastle have lurched form one crisis to another.

This is what has happened since Lee was appointed Managing Director at Newcastle and a lot of it on the playing side of things to be sure:

  • Newcastle lost seven of their last eight games in season 2013-2014.
  • We got just four points from the first seven games last season.
  • Alan Pardew was allowed to leave halfway through the season even though Lee at the time said he had no plans to replace him and that it was a complete shock – so why let him go and leave Newcastle with a problem?  Answer – we got around £4M for him.
  • Lee Charnley appointed John Carver into the head coach position and it was the easy decision for him to make, but it turned out to be a disastrous appointment that almost had us relegated – the job was way over John’s head.
  • Even when it became obvious John was out of his depth, there was no attempt made to bring in somebody new until it was too late – and Steve McClaren refused to come in with three games to play after we had lost the previous eight games.
  • We finished last season with one point in 10 successive league games before winning our final game against West Ham.
  • Lee Charnley appointed Steve McClaren in early June and he was the number one choice ever since Pardew left.
    But Newcastle started this season with one of the worst spells ever,  gaining just 3 points in the first eight league games – all draws – and we have already being knocked out of the League Cup by a Championship club.

On May 24th, Mike Ashley admitted to being shocked at where Newcastle were before the last game of the season.

Believe us that’s simple code for “what the hell’s going on” –  and he cannot have been happy with the way the team under Carver  had folded in the previous ten games which yielded just one point.

So if Steve McClaren does have to be replaced then there will be big questions about whether Lee Charnley is up to the job after two disastrous appointments in six months for the head coach position.

Mike Ashley as well as bringing in a new coach may also want to bring in a new Managing Director.

If he makes that decision then who is available to come in – Derek Llambias – after his adventures trying to run Rangers FC.