This Is The Real Question To Ask About Alan Pardew

There’s recent discussion about whether the Sack Pardew crew were right in protesting to get Alan Pardew out of the club after we went seven games without winning last season and we’ve read some revisionism articles in the local papers.

It was time for a change, but we shouldn’t have let Pardew leave at the beginning of the year half-way through season,  when we didn’t have a ready-made replacement to bring in.

Stoke City v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Alan Pardew – doing so well at Palace

You’ll have to ask Lee Charnley why he did that when he freely admitted nobody was lined up and Alan’s leaving came as a complete shock to the club.

When you are running any business – the business always takes priority and not any one employee.

If you don’t do that you are putting the business at risk – but that doesn’t seem to apply to Newcastle when we are getting some money coming in – around £4M for Pardew.

As it turned out that decision did place the club in real jeopardy of being relegated.

We don’t have any problems with Alan not being at the club, and he probably cooked his goose on March 1st last year when he headbutted a Hull player and that was a real embarrassment to Newcastle and it made headlines around the world.

Manager Headbutts Opposing Player.

His other antics on the touchline – like calling Manuel Pellegrini something I cannot even write down here in case young children are reading this – is another example.

So he’s gone and most fans were not upset about it.In 27 league games he’s been in charge at Palace he has 47 points compared to Newcastle’s 16 points – and he currently has Palace in 4th place in the league with 15 points this season.

That compares with Newcastle’s 3 points and we are rock bottom of the league.

Last season he left Newcastle in 9th place with 26 points at the end of last year when Palace were in 18th place with 16 points with half the games played (19).

In the final 19 games last season Palace got 32 points and we got 13 points so they finished in 10th place on 48 points and Newcastle finished 15th on 39 points and just avoided relegation.

The real question that this triggers for Newcastle s is why is Alan Pardew able to be successful at Palace when he wasn’t at Newcastle – well at least not since the summer of 2012.

It could be that Alan Pardew is now in control of all transfers and he was able to bring in who he wanted in the summer.

If he had still been at Newcastle you can bet he would have tried to bring back Yohan Cabaye back – and he would not have been allowed to do that.

But he got backing to get Cabaye at Palace because he wanted him – and Yohan has been in great form for Palace so far this season.

There’s something really wrong with the way Newcastle are being run – and Pardew didn’t seem to need any time to get used to his new players at Palace.

We have an inkling that one of the problems at Newcastle is that it’s Graham Carr who’s really in charge of the transfers and it’s simply not working.

It certainly hasn’t worked for the three head coaches since the summer of 2012.

That’s the question that should be asked – and folks like Lee Charnley should be trying to come up with some answers.

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