Alan Pardew Makes Significant Announcement On Newcastle

We were all sweating just a little bit when Moussa Sissoko seemed to think Yohan Cabaye had joined a bigger club than Newcastle when he joined Alan Pardew´s Crystal Palace in the summer and ended his nightmare at PSG.

But thankfully Palace is not one of the clubs that have overtaken us as a big club (whatever “big” really means).

Well that´s a big relief to be sure!

alan pardew at dover

Alan Pardew – Newcastle bigger club than Palace

We now know that´s true because Alan Pardew has said that and he should know after managing both clubs.

Alan Pardew has written this is the FourFourTwo magazine:

“Of course, coming from Newcastle, they are a bigger club than Palace, but if you compare the roster of players, I didn’t think it was much of a step down,”

“I felt I could lift the group of players here and get a lot more out of them.”

There are football clubs being big and small and football teams being good and poor.

Newcastle are a big club who at the moment have a poor team and Crystal Palace are a smaller club who have a good team – and better than Newcastle´s on the evidence of this season so far.

A big club are those that have won things in the past and have huge fan followings and usually also have the big stadiums and on those three points  Newcastle are a big club and Palace aren´t.

But it really doesn´t mean much and it´s always exciting for a club like Palace to be doing so well – and it´s also good for the game – very good for the game.

When big clubs struggle like we are at the moment along with Aston Villa as another example – it´s a very sad and frustrating time for the fans.

Aston Villa and Newcastle fans are fed up at the moment and they have every right to be.

Hopefully, Newcastle can start to turn our poor start to the season around and start  winning some games soon, otherwise there will be a growing possibility we could be a Championship club next May.

That´s what is really worrying at the moment,  especially after all the nonsense we had to go through in the second half of last season.

Newcastle are an underperforming football club and have been ever since the great Sir Bobby Robson was sacked for only finishing 5th top back in 2004.


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