Newcastle Must Fix These Two Problems Quickly

There are (at least) two problems that this Newcastle side have this season and both need to be fixed if we are to climb the table and get away from the relegation zone.

The goals for this season were (are?) to finish in the top eight and try to win a cup and the very least fans expected after the travails of last season and £52M spent in the summer transfer window was that we at least wouldn´t be in another relegation battle.

steve mcclaren at etihad 6-1

Steve McClaren – thinking how to fix these two problems

At least the nerves of Newcastle fans would be spared this season – think again.

Newcastle have done well against the big clubs – Manchester United, Arsenal Chelsea and Manchester City – well at least in the first half at the Etihad.

But we haven´t bothered to show up against the weaker sides of Swansea, West Ham and Watford and we lost all three games – games that looked like winnable games for us.

That´s one problem – and it shows a poor team that doesn´t turn up for every single game and especially for those we should be winning.

No wonder we are bottom of the league.

The other problem we have is that when we do take the lead – which is rare but we did it against Southampton, Chelsea and Manchester City – we have been unable to hold on to get all 3 points.

The two real cases of that were against the Saints and Chelsea and in both home games we conceded in the last 10 minutes to only draw those games – so there´s 4 points dropped.

7 points from 8 games looks a lot better than 3.

If our players only turn up to play against the top clubs in  the league we will be relegated this season – it’s as easy as that.

And the players must have the confidence, guts and resilience to hold onto any lead we get – especially at home.

There´s a big opportunity on Sunday to take all 3 points against Norwich at home, but since we have one win in 19 league games our players will probably be (very) nervous if we are ahead in the second half.

Unfortunately, Norwich (and other sides) will know all about that and will try to exploit that hesitancy and nervousness if Newcastle do manage to take the lead on Sunday.

We have to win at some time this season and Sunday is as good a time as ever.

The longer we go without a win the more likely it is that Mike Ashley will need to come in and make some changes in an attempt to keep Newcastle in the Premier League this season.

Show up for every single game – especially against the weaker sides, and have the guts and courage to hold onto any lead we get are just two things the side need to do to end this terrible start to the league Newcastle have had so far this season.

What was that about finishing in the top eight?

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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