By Sunday It Will Be Looking Fantastic

When you look at St. James’ Park when the home games are being televised on TV around the world the stadium looks tremendous – it’s the best thing that Freddie Shepherd ever did pushing the plans through and getting the stadium modernized.

We were hoping by now when we started this blog over eight years ago – principally for those away from home base around the world like ourselves – that we would have the capacity up to 60,000 by now – but things haven’t gone well on the playing side of things.


St. James’ Park – that’s some pitch!

The pitch that the Newcastle groundsman get ready for every home game is really good and one of the best in England – so not enough credit goes to the Newcastle ground staff.

It’s just a pity our players playing aren’t as good at that they do then our groundsmen.

Groundsman Andrew Tully has been talking on the Newcastle web-site and he says the field will be fantastic for next Sunday’s game against Norwich:

“It’s good, considering everything we expected from the rugby.” “At the end of the day it’s a football pitch – not a rugby one – and we are in the process of a quick turnaround to get it ready for football again at the weekend.”

“The pitch hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s still there. You’ve got the rugby markings and a bit of damage from the games, which is what we knew would happen and we will tend to throughout the week.”

“We worked pretty late through the double-header weekend – that was always going to be the case. Two games in two days of any sport is a lot for a pitch to take. It’s just general wear in high-traffic areas that we really have to tend to.”

“By Sunday it will be looking fantastic.” “It’s best that we were going on during the games, instead of rugby players stamping on divots, putting them back in upside down or anything like that.”

“We were going on, tending to them properly and putting them back in the right way up, so they had more of a chance to recover.”

We expect the pitch to be great for Sunday’s game.

We just hope our team is as good as the pitch against Norwich City.

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