Some Serious Questions From Fans Will Need Answers

The next Newcastle Fans Forum was due to take place this Thursday evening and that would have seem to be a good time to get some real feedback from the likes of Lee Charnley the Managing Director and head coach Steve McClaren about the status of Newcastle this season – and it’s not good.

The Fans Forum is a collection of organization and fans that represent the supporters of the club across a wide spectrum and the last meeting was an upbeat one with the newly appointed Steve McClaren attending the meeting and answering lots of questions.

newcastle fans

Newcastle fans – represented by the Fans Forum members

But the meeting has now been put back to a week tomorrow which will before the local derby with Sunderland – so let’s hope we can pick up our first win against Norwich next Sunday.

And we hope Steve McClaren will be able to attend the meeting and answer some serious questions from concerned fans.

Even when things are going badly – as they are now – these meetings are still important and hopefully we’ll get some real truthful feedback on how the club are approaching this crisis.

One thing we haven’t seen too much of from the club over the last year or two is some courage – especially at the executive levels.

There will no doubt be calls for Mike Ashley to attend and it would be good if he could do that – but in reality there’s very little chance of him ever attending one of these meetings.

Maybe even somebody like captain Fabricio Coloccini could attend the meeting?

It’s  part of Lee Charnley’s job to meet with fans and to explain to them what the club is trying to do and what they may do in the upcoming January transfer window – depending on what our status is at that  time.

This meeting is even more important than usual and there will be some serious questions being asked by the representatives of the Newcastle supporters at the meeting.

What do you think?

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