McClaren Continues To Get Support – But Must Do This

It’s not too surprising that Steve McClaren is getting support from the two people above him at Newcastle – Managing Director Lee Charnley and owner Mike Ashley.

Lee Charnley is the one who appointed Steve and he was his first and only choice from what we can tell – so yes – he will be supporting him because if Steve cannot get the job done it reflects badly on Lee’s decision-making and ability to appoint effective head coaches.

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Steve McClaren – winning has to start very soon

His disastrous appointment of John Carver in January almost had us relegated in May.

And if Steve cannot turn this thing around and start winning games very soon – we could be in trouble this season too and certainly it’s our worst start to the season since 1898.

We went into a bit of detail yesterday on what happened 117 years ago – well what I could remember about that season anyway.


Mike Ashley doesn’t like to swap and change managers because in the past under Freddie Shepherd it was shown not to work for a number of very good reasons.

The playing squad seems to always be in turmoil because different managers like different players so when a new manager comes in he wants new players and wants to get rid of some of the players already in the squad.

So in that environment it’s very difficult to get results and have any stability and it’s also very expensive with money often being wasted on new players who don’t stay around too long.

It’s too early to make a change and Newcastle have at times played very well this season, but we’ve been far too inconsistent – and even poor against the lesser teams we have played – which is a big concern.

But if Steve McClaren cannot get the results, then Ashley will have to make a very difficult decision – and it’s never a silver bullet to bring in a new coach and then everything is fine.

It doesn’t work that way although sometimes it does – but those big turnaround successes are rare.

The other thing is which coaches would be available – who could come in to coach the team if they decide it’s time for Steve to go?

It’s much easier to keep the current coaching staff in place and hope they can turn it all around – and they will need the full support of the Newcastle fans – who have been simply great this season during these very difficult times.

Make that this year under very difficult times.

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