McClaren´s Unfortunate Example Of Loyalty

Steve McClaren has given a bit of a bizarre interview in which he says it´s important that he does the right thing at Newcastle and if people can see that he´s doing the right things then everything will be OK.

That´s true only up to a point and if Steve´s doing the right things then the team should start to play well – and after a disastrous start –  we should start winning some games.

steve mcclaren on touchline watford

Steve McClaren – he´s wrong about John Carver

This kind of stance is difficult to justify even now and it will more difficult to justify if we keep losing games, after we have just 3 points in the first 8 games – a stat we last had way back in the 1898-1899 season.

This is what Steve McClaren said on Thursday afternoon

“If you’re together and they know you’re doing the job and you’re doing it right and you’re doing the right things and the players are responding, then wherever you are — be it Newcastle or whatever — they’ll say, ‘You know what, we’re on the right lines.”

“We’ve got to make sure we do the right things and do the right job and go through the right process and if the club can see that. … That’s what John Carver demonstrated and obviously what Alan Pardew demonstrated. That’s what you call loyalty.”

“You don’t have loyalty if people are thinking, ‘this ain’t going to get any better.’ That’s at any club.”

“They knew that John Carver, with what happened last season, was doing the best he possibly could, the same with Alan Pardew. In the end, that loyalty — especially with Alan — was rewarded.”

“I have the belief that that is exactly the same with me. As long as we continue making progress — which I believe we are and they believe we are — then we keep going.”

“There’s always scrutiny on you, isn’t there? This is Newcastle. Always, from day one. But I’m experienced enough to know that, to deal with it and handle it, and it’s really not a problem.”

John Carver was doing the very best he possibly could – we know that – but if wasn´t anywhere near good enough – that was the problem.

It´s really unfortunate that Steve uses the example of John Carver  – because  let´s face it and tell the truth about John – he was completely over his head as the head coach.

His results also showed that and for the first time ever we lost 8 PL games in a row and we were almost relegated.

And John Carver and his assistant Steve Stone were unceremoniously sacked just before Steve McClaren came in,

Steve is trying to keep the fans and the hierarchy of the club on his side and give him some time – after an unexpected very poor start to the season – and there´s nothing much wrong with that.

But we must start winning some games soon – and we are already 6 points from safety after eight games  played – when you take into account our poor goal difference.

There has to be an uptick in our results very soon.

What do you think?

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